Happy Late Thanksgiving–So Much to be Thankful For!

2013 has been a year of tremendous personal growth and physical growth.  It was something I really wasn’t expecting.  I’m going to start with I’m thankful for my health, my family, my friends, and all that have supported me and given me inspiration this year.  I’m thankful to have broken that cycle of waking up to live to go to work instead of working to live.  I’m thankful for my health that will hopefully continue to allow me to do participate in the sport of triathlon. But most of all I’m thankful that I wake up each morning.

Being a single guy in San Diego on holidays can be a bit rough.  Friends are usually with their families for the holidays and I certainly could have rode the motorcycle up to be with my family and turn around be back down here for work and training all within a 3 hour ride each way.  Six hours in one day going up through LA is hard mentally and physically so it looks like I’ll be up there for Christmas instead.  Thankfully I was able to spend the day with some friends who have become like family down here in San Diego.  It was nothing big, nothing fancy, and certainly not tables full of food waiting to be ate.  It was small, genuine, and it was all that was needed to reflect back and be thankful of your moment in time.   I even got a call from my younger brother, which was very welcome.  My relationship with my brother has been rocky the last few years and I’m always glad to hear that he’s doing ok and getting things done.  

I was able to hit up Dawn’s spin class since HTB’s Peak Finders was cancelled for Thanksgiving.  I didn’t get to do my 6 mile run so I did it this morning instead.  It wasn’t the best run but then again I’ve got to put in more miles and put in the volume to get better.  I can only hope that during that time I can make peace with running and not hate it so much.  I am learning valuable information though during the run like I burn approx. 170 calories per mile I run.  That means in a full marathon I will have burned approximately 4454 calories.  My form has improved along with my cadence but on longer runs my cadence drops and my strides increase. 


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