Run Training Starts and 10K Yards Swimming!

With my Half Ironman Coach all signed up we came to an agreement on some extra run training so that my run times would improve from my tank slow half marathons.  I didn’t like her response at all… “The way to build up running is frequency”.  Yup even more running, the thing I dislike the most!  Oh well, if that is what it is going to take then it’s what I have to do.  So just how much running in the first week you might ask?  Monday 9 miles, Wednesday 6 miles, Saturday 12 miles, now Saturday I cut it short at 10.5 miles since my leg was clipped by a car.  I will say that my run on Saturday just 2 weeks from my Las Vegas Half Marathon seemed to go really well and I was running a 10 minute mile pace.

Sunday marked the start of the USAT National Club Challenge and it starts with the swim.  So what did the Triathlon Club of San Diego (TCSD) do?  We started with a 100 x 100 Yard Swim.  Let me tell you that is was not easy to swim for 3 hours and 10 minutes.  I had 30 second rest’s between my intervals towards the end but I started strong and ended strong.  It was fun to get out there and see some new faces and old ones.  That’s one thing I’m finding out about the TCSD community is that there is always people to meet.

So the first week of run training went fairly well I would say.  Saturday night I was on track to have a 2:15 half marathon till the car clipped my left leg and I ate crap on the street.  Thankfully I’m ok but during the run I felt really good while keeping a 10 minute mile.  Tomorrow I got some more running and then more running this week.  I’m pretty sure that if I can keep this up that I’ll be able to hit a 2 hour half marathon come Oceanside which should put me around a 5 hour finish.  Not good enough for Kona but that isn’t my goal….(Yet).   Going to start taking up the TCSD’s JCC swims Monday and Wednesday nights as it’s been recommended that I join a Masters Swim Program.  It’s been recommended by a few people.  I have a pretty solid swim as it is but when it comes to getting in the volume and distance it will help.  Till then it’s just focusing on the 4th sport in triathlon and that’s recovery and staying healthy.


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