Big Things This Week & Return to the Carlsbad Half Marathon

10455852_778345618852183_1189944142432035960_nIt was an exciting week this week.  The big news is that, I was recently selected to be sponsored on Team SunRype for 2015.  This means that I am sponsored and receive product for free to use for both training and for handing out at events.   When I filled out the application I really didn’t think that I’d be selected.  However I did so with the worst that could happen is they say no.  I’m glad I made the team with some other friends and I can’t wait to represent them at some races. 

Training for my 2nd half Ironman kicked off.  This time it’s in St. George Utah.  The course is the exact opposite of Oceanside in that it’s hilly and challenging.  I missed the Oceanside entry since it sold out so fast and a friend brought up St. George as an alternate.  Stupid me signed up right away without even looking at the course.  Once I did my jaw dropped from the hills and yikes.  It just got serious.  The upside is that the training for hills will help me with Escape from Alcatraz the following month!

My return to the Carlsbad Half Marathon.  It was 5 or 6 years since I did the last Carlsbad Half Marathon and my time was 3:3X:XX or so.  It was slow and I walked most of it.  I was still over 300lbs as well.  I had 13 miles on my training calendar so figured I might as well go ahead and enter the race.  My friend Jojo also signed up for the race and she told me already that she wasn’t prepared for it.  If you remember Jojo from earlier posts when I was just starting to make my lifestyle change she never left me in the dust.  So this time around I didn’t leave her in the dust either.  We both started out strong at a solid 10 min mile pace.  Then around the 7 mile turn around I noticed she was falling behind and struggling to keep up.  At mile 9 I told her we can walk and let her recover from mile 9 to 10.  All through the run though I felt amazing and strong.  As we finished she thanked me and said that she probably couldn’t have finished if I wasn’t there cheering her on and keeping her head in the game.   It was nice for me to return the favor to her for all those other times she didn’t let me fall behind.

At the expo the day before I met up with Rhonda, Ingrid, and Joseph who is in one of my support groups on Facebook.  He was doing his first full marathon and while he didn’t have his best race like he hoped.  He didn’t quit and he kept going.  Rhonda and Ingrid finished the half both with PR’s and both are looking forward to another half marathon. 

So 2015 is heading off in the right direction and I can’t wait to see where it leads me.  I’m glad to have broken the cycle of drinking every weekend and losing the weight that kept me from really finding the things I really truly enjoy doing.

Starting the New Year

Well, 2014 was a blast of the year.  For the most part I’m 2 years into my lifestyle change from a fat bar hopper to a competitive triathlete.  I’ve been able to inspire those around me to achieve what they didn’t they could.  Been dating a great gal, and I finished my first ever Ironman.  I’ve been able to keep the weight off for the most part, I did put some back on after the Ironman and holiday season.  That’s how it goes though when you’re training 16-20 hours a week and eating 6-8K calories a day to almost nothing for a month.

So what do I have in store for 2015?  Well, I’m agreeing to another race a month of some form.  So that mean’s that once a month I’ll be doing anything from a 5K to an Ironman.  Swim, Bike, or Run race of some type.  I’ve got my first half Ironman in St. George, UT on May 2nd and a full Ironman 140.6 in Louisville, KY on October 11th.  On top of that I’m the proud Ambassador of SunRype!  SunRype is a fruit drink and snack company that uses 100% fruits and juice in their products.   I’m super excited to represent them in 2015 and hopefully longer.

Weight goal wise I’ve slacked a bit.  I’m not under that 220lb mark that I wanted to so this year, so I’ll be trying to get under that mark.  I’ve had quite a few people talk to me about becoming a life coach which I’m looking into along with finally getting my personal training certification.  Then look into what I need to do to become a life coach and possible pursue it a bit more when I’m not on my day job.