Training isn’t SOO Exhausting Anymore.

WP_20140412_07_27_24_Pro (2)I’ve been running a lot more lately and I have to admit…  I am no longer exhausted after running 6-9 miles.  There was a time where even running 1 mile left me exhausted and I couldn’t even run the following day.  It’s taken me many months to get to where I am at and it just doesn’t happen over night.  I caught myself saying that I’m going to go run 6 miles after work… for fun!  WTF?  When did I start to believe that running wasn’t as bad as I thought it was?  When did this raw hatred for running turn into not hate but not love?

After the Bass Lake Triathlon I’ll be returning to the pool on Monday/Wednesday nights along with swimming La Jolla Cove Friday mornings.  I really killed myself with the swimming volume and it soaked a lot of the fun out of it so I’ve had to take a break.  The Friday morning cove swims have been awesome and I’ve only done 2.  I’m finding some of that enjoyment in swimming again as I get to look down at some of the wildlife and reflect on things during the week without having to worry about turning around every 25 yards.

The bike I’ve been doing a lot of power thresholds and intervals on the trainer according to my TriDot plan.  I’ve quickly found that my training for the bike has been lacking and I need to really put some focus on it so I don’t fry my legs on the run for the long course.  I’m actually a little excited about increasing the volume though for IMAZ.

6 Months till IMAZ!… Holy HELL!

It’s been a while since I last blogged, I realize that.  It’s been a roller coaster of training ups and downs these past 2 weeks.  You can read and listen and watch everyone who’s trained for these longer distance races and they are all different.  You can think that you know what to expect but the truth is you don’t.  It’s different for you and that’s because everyone is different.  We might be the same in some physical aspects but it’s the mind that makes us completely different.    I’ve noticed that when it comes to my training and racing it’s go go go go, with little time to reflect back at my accomplishments.  It’s always been what’s next.

So today I actually took some time while I was driving to work to reflect back in the past year.  If I was to tell 90% of the nation my story they would not believe me in the least bit.  Going to a guy who pretty much drank every weekend and you could find passed out in his hallway or front lawn to a competitive triathlete who completed his first Half Ironman and training for his first Ironman.  While quitting the drinking and losing over 80lbs+ in 1 year.  Mentally though I’ve gone from someone who didn’t really have much drive or ambition in life to having a purpose and being an inspiration to others.  It really is something to be proud of and I am proud of my accomplishments.

My training has been high and low though.  I’m running a lot more and I’m hitting my bike workout power targets until they increased it!  I’ve been struggling to hit the last intervals but over all I am getting faster and stronger.  I’ve had to step away from swimming so much as I’ve been burned out with the pool and swimming in general lately.  Some people will say I need to suck it up and do it anyways.  I will admit that part of me says that too.  However it’s part of being a multisport athlete.  Sometimes you need to take a break from something to come back stronger.  Now thankfully I’m a fast swimmer and I do enjoy getting out there and swimming in La Jolla Cove and the BOWS group that I assist with.

Either way I just got done riding almost 53 miles this past Saturday which was the longest ride since Oceanside and I am doing 104 mile ride this Monday.  As I’m becoming a more confident runner and realizing that I need to get on that bike more I need to start upping the volume.  It’s been a constant struggle to not add too much too fast.  I’ll be using my actual road bike for this trip though so I better find those water bottle cages.

The best thing though is that I’m finding that the limits I once thought I had are no longer in front of me.  I’m going to fail, I’m going to get back up, and I’m going to succeed.

Sprint Sprint Recap: First Place 120+

WP_20140504_10_19_47_Pro 1

Two sprint triathlons and two first place finishes!  There was a lot of competition out there and after looking at the official results we got 1st place in the 120+ division but 2nd place overall the relays.  Yes the older guys can still get it done!  We have the Mission Bay Sprint Triathlon coming up in October to defend our 1st place overall finish there.  I swam a 7:42 and Chris cycled a 28 minute ride while Jeff powered through a 21 minute 5K.  Our total time was 1:00:29.  It’s always good to get a podium finish but this race was a whole lot more to me than just getting first.

.There were so many first time triathletes there that I see from Thursdays BOWS group and it was awesome to see them getting out there and finishing their first ever triathlon.  As I found each of them I was slowly giving words of wisdom from my experience and knowledge that I have learned from other triathletes as well.  It’s not always about winning first it’s about the reward of knowing that you helped someone overcome their obstacles to reach their finish line and accomplish something that they might not have been able to otherwise.