A Look Forward to 2014–An Iron Year


This week has been nothing short but amazing.  I ran my fasted half marathon in 2:24:50 but I wasn’t really excited about it.  I was more excited for Monday and hope that I had got into Ironman Arizona.  So much that I had called my mom and asked her to help with the sign up process (ultimately she is the one who got in.)  I figured at least one of us would get in, and I did.  Thanks mom!  Earlier in November I figured I’d enter the NYC Tri lottery to see if I’d get a spot.  I figured it was only 10 bucks so why not?  I didn’t think I’d really get in, well I did!  It’s taken me a few days to realize the importance of getting into the NYC Tri.  I thought it was more of a certain spots for sale and then a few lottery spots.  I had no clue the entire race was lottery only because of so many people wanting to get in.  So that just made me even happier to get in and have the privilege to race in New York.

March 29th, 2014 – Oceanside 70.3 Half Ironman Distance.
This race was support to be my warm up towards a full Ironman in 2015.  It was going to test my ability to go where I didn’t think I could go.  It has since changed into a stepping stone to my full Ironman in Arizona on November 16th.  It’s a local race and I couldn’t pass it up.  I knew I had to get a coach cause I didn’t know what I was doing in a long course and I needed some help.  My goal still currently is just to finish but I want to finish around 6 hours which I think is doable.  My run is my weakest and will most likely be a 2:15-2:30 half marathon at the end.   This race is starting the building blocks for the rest of the year.

June 29th, 2014 – ITU Chicago Olympic Distance
I signed up for this race cause it was in downtown Chicago and I love Chicago.  I chose the Olympic Distance cause I felt I needed to focus more on longer courses to build towards another 70.3 in the fall.  Plus Chicago is in the mid-west where I have a lot of family and friends that I can’t always get out to go see all the time.  It’s also the inaugural ITU race in Chicago which is bound to be a blast.  I’ll also get to watch the pro’s race and put my times to shame.  I am not looking forward to the cost of the trip which will most likely be 1200 bucks.


August 3rd, 2014 – New York City Triathlon
I didn’t know this race even existed and I certainly didn’t know it was a lottery entry only because of it’s popularity.  But after watching the race video they had on their site I can see why.  You get to race along the skyline of the Big Apple and around Central Park.  I entered the lottery not expecting to win.  Well I did, and I am in so you know what that means… I’m racing the Big Apple.  This is also an Olympic Distance which will be good for my training for IMAZ and the heat and humidity will also play a role in things.  This race will be fun I can’t wait and I’ve already notified the people I know in NYC that Holley Racing is coming to town.

Flashback to the 80’s and I remember watching the Ironman in Hawaii and thinking how cool it would to do that race but it seemed impossible and something only professional athletes can do.  That was the mentality I had about Ironman’s up until 2013.  I didn’t think I could ever complete one, that I wasn’t good enough.  After being overweight for so long it seemed like it was just another dream.  But as 2013 progressed something happened inside me.  I started to believe that maybe I could complete a full Ironman.  My friends Scott and Chris both completed full Ironman’s.  Then I read a race report by a fell SD Tri Clubber Steve Smart found here.  Then I read more and more race reports from cities that I’d like to race.  The change happened inside my heart I felt the impossible become possible every time I read more race reports from every day people.  I watched the Ironman World Championships in Kona and I followed Hines Ward in his Become One series and decided I needed to do one in 2014 but which one?   I read race reports from Wisconsin, Arizona, and Cour D’Alene but I was leaning towards Wisconsin.  This would be perfect cause I have family in Wisconsin!   But there was also a large Tri Club presence going to IMAZ in 2014 so it would be great to train with fellow crazies.  Ultimately I waited too long and Wisconsin sold out so that left the stalking of the IMAZ registration page.  Thanks Mom (I really should start calling it Team Chris?)  After watching the Kona telecast and the stories and the age groupers finishing under all the odds that say they can’t.  I wanted to hear those 4 words.  “You are an Ironman”.  Stay tuned for lots of training stories as 2014 will be an exciting/boring year as I work towards achieving a long buried childhood dream.

So now that I have signed my life away for 2014 I apologize if I miss something through the year.  It takes sacrifice and priority to accomplish your goals which are always changing.  Don’t let society or your friends tell you that you can’t do something because it’s not “normal”.  This journey is going to be amazing and I’m so excited to start it come Dec. 1st with training for the Oceanside 70.3


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