Time Off and USAT National Club Challenge

I’ve taken most of the month off from all structured training and dieting and social media.  It’s been a needed break and step away from everything.  I got to enjoy the holidays without the stress of training for a race and I’ve loved it.  My post Ironman depression has vanished and I’m getting excited to start training for Ironman St. George 70.3.  As expected I put on some weight but the best part is that I’m not afraid that it’s ruined my goals because unlike weight loss goals, lifestyle goals are life long.  I know that through my training more weight will come off and I will lean out even more.   the weight gained during my short off season isn’t derailing anything.

The USAT National Club ChallengeDecncc

This year I’ve taken the challenge overall more seriously.  It’s not about being the fastest it’s about being consistent and just getting in the miles.  I’ve swam, biked, or ran every single day usually around 1 hour each sport in the morning and/or evening.   I’m really enjoying it this time around and it shows in my ranking for both the swim and over all.  Last year I was sitting around 10th in the swim and not even remotely close to overall top 10.  A lot of it has to do with the volume training coming off a late season Ironman and the weather here in San Diego.  Those limits of only being able to swim 3000 yards a day are shattered.  Some days I’ve swam 10K in 2 sessions of 1.5 hours and others just 3500 yards in a little under an hour all at a relaxed pace not trying to sprint it out like last year.  The swim session is closing out like last year though.  Jim “The Fish” Murff in first and me in 2nd in terms of club standings.  Peter Collison from TCSD put up a 19000 yard single session swim one day so hats off to him and he is the man for doing that.  My attention span in the pool starts to get stir crazy after 1.5 hours..  I can’t wait for the bike session to start as I’m getting a new road bike next month for my hill training and quite possibly another run up Mt. Palomar.

So with that said Happy New Year everyone.  Next blog post will be a year looking back and new years resolutions and goals.