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LifeTime Tri: Oceanside. Race Report

imageI originally signed up for this event because it was in Oceanside.  I figured since I signed up for the Oceanside 70.3 this would be a good intro course to get a feel for the course.  This was also my first split transition so I figured that if I was going to screw up and forget something this would be the perfect race to do it.  I wasn’t putting any pressure on me to get a podium finish.  I wanted to focus mainly on the run and some of the things I learned from the clinic the weekend before.  I also wanted to focus on the transitions and the area.  Little did I know I was going to take first place in Clydesdale again and I beat the 2nd place guy by a full 10 minutes.  I thought about dropping down to my age group of 35-39 and weeks leading up to the event I completely forgot I entered in Clydesdale.  My finishing time would put me 9th of 14 which isn’t bad.  It really just shows that I really have to improve my run.  I was 74/125 people with my run and 55/79 males with my run.  With my main goal of moving into the Age Group ranks and out of Clyde’s I need to get my runs down to 7 minute miles for more than 1 mile.  I don’t care if I’m over 220lbs and able to run 7-8 min miles I’ll drop down to the more competitive 35-39 Age Group.  Sigh the only downfall is that it was my last triathlon of a spectacular triathlon season where I exceeded my expectation.

The Race Report! – Finishing Time – 01:17:40 – 31/125 Overall. 


This was just a sprint so I didn’t really do much preparation and it really showed come race day.  Saturday I got my packet and we got a cool little backpack and some usual swag.  I’m a swag whore, I won’t lie.  Then I saw the 2 transition bags and started putting my gear (minus wetsuit) into each bag as I needed.  I figured I’d just put my wetsuit in the T1 bag in the morning before leaving (fatal mistake).  I felt good about it all I had everything in their proper bag and confident in my game plan for race day.  I wanted to have fun and enjoy the last race of my triathlon season.  Got to sleep at a decent hour and got a pretty good nights sleep.  Alarm goes off, I had a few scoops of PB&Co Maple Peanut Butter and got the 2 transition bags in the car along with my bike on the rack.  I had the final thought of just bringing my usual transition bag just incase.  It was cold and foggy coming into Oceanside and didn’t think anything of it really since I’m a big guy and produce a lot of heat once I get moving.  Checked my T2 that I left overnight and everything looked great.  Rode down to T1 and got all checked in and racked the bike and as I’m pulling everything out I realize I forgot my wetsuit!  I accepted the fact that I had to swim this in my shorts and tri-top and then it donned on me that I had my Lava Pants from Xterra in my regular bag that I use for the pool, but it was back in my car which was only a mile from the start.  But when you might not make it back in time to T1 before it closes it puts a certain dash in your step.   So on the return run I did this in my shorts and tri-top with bare feet since I left everything in my car since I couldn’t put them in my dry clothes bag.  Thankfully I made it back to T1 right as they were closing and they let me grab my cap and goggles.  I should note that I asked a USAT Official if they were legal to use and they said yes.  I was saved, to not have to kick through the race.  As the waves started the fog started to come in really heavy and they delayed the start because of visibility was maybe 10-15 feet in front of you.  We couldn’t see past the first buoy, and during this wait the cold really started to get to all of us.

The Swim! Swim Time 6:51 :52 /100M 11/125 Overall


The initial shock of getting in the water was rough so I started to swim and instantly got used to the water temp.  I was happy and warm, and kept thinking just keep moving to stay warm.   Then the gun goes off and we are outta there.  I stupidly started towards the back of the pack fully knowing that I’m going to swim over some of them.  I really focused on long powerful strokes with the high elbow catch position and felt really calm through most of the swim.  I found a solid pair of feet to draft off of which was nice for a change.  Every time I tapped his feet he kept speeding up which was good till the first turn around.  Since everyone was still somewhat in a pack I didn’t want to go too fast out of the gates.  After we turned the first buoy I turned up the jets a bit and moved through the ranks.  I paid attention to not wanting to use too much energy (at this point I realized I forgot my APX in the fridge) since I didn’t have anything in the system and nothing to drink on the bike (Fat stores don’t fail me now).  Out of the water in 6:51.. Looking back I probably spent a good 5-10 seconds making my way through the start and pack.  Since all the swim times started at the same time I need to start these things at the front of the pack.  I’m wasting too much time getting through everyone when I’m much faster than they are. 

The Bike! Bike Time – 39:23 18.94 mi/hr (20Mi/Hr Goal). 22/125

I had a solid transition to the bike.  The only different thing was that I had to put my lava pants in the T1 bag.  As I was running out with my bike I realized I forgot rubber bands for my shoes!  This wouldn’t usually be a problem except I couldn’t feel my feet it was so cold.  I spent another 5-10 seconds getting that first foot on top of the shoe and on my way.  Getting out was a bit rough with some speed bumps here and some sharp turns here and there but once we hit the 76 things really started to go well.  The course got straight and I could deal with the fog, but hit a false flat (I should say downhill) because what seemed like I should have been coasting it got a bit harder to pedal and I was slowing down.  Since downshifting a couple gears to pickup my cadence hit a solid pace of about 17-18 MPH which for me was slow but I couldn’t feel my feet and it felt like I was pedaling with stubs like a pirate.  As the sun started to appear as we went east I could start feeling my legs and feet again and I was able to pickup the pace to 22-24MPH which felt solid throughout the whole bike portion.  I slowed down a bit more than usual coming down the last bike straight way cause the road sucked and didn’t want to get a flat in the last straight way (I know my back tire needs to be replaced, but I didn’t want to do it on race day).  Nailed my dismount with my shoes still clipped in and I heard a crowd support say I was like a flying gorilla (I laughed inside).  Foggy again and feet where cold I finally hit a GU and some water, and hit the run!  Overall

The Run! Run Time – 28:37 9:13 min/mile. 74/125 Overall.

Here it is, my weakest part of triathlon.  Coming off the bike my feet were frozen and my calves started to cramp a bit right off the bike (realized I forgot my salt sticks) but the legs still felt good and I really focused on keeping my head up and not over striding.  I was cruising at a 9:15 min/mil pace and I felt really good about it, my head was up my ankle on my left side wasn’t going beyond my knee (at least when I checked).  As I was running I noticed that Marc was coming down the hill behind me (I thought he would have beat me out of the swim and the bike, he’s a small guy and fast), my 8 minute dinged and I walked about 30 seconds instead of the 1 minute.  I felt good about things why should I stop it’s only a 5K.  Then we started to hit some up hills at the pier and going up another hill down the street which slowed my pace a bit but over all I felt really good.  I was still cruising a 9:35 pace thanks to that 30 second walk bit which I shouldn’t have done.  Down the final stretch Marc finally passed me and I picked up the pace to a 9:12 min/mil and got across the finish line.  Little did I know that Andy Potts was the one giving me my medal which was really cool!

The Wrap up! – Great Race!

WP_20131020_003Once across the finish line I felt great. Ian Kelly happened to see me coming across telling me that it was a strong finish (I didn’t know my time yet) which was really cool. I still had plenty of gas in the tank and wondered that I should have done the International Distance but who cares I felt great I had fun and I made costly mistakes that probably contributed to a combined 5 minutes tacked to my time.  It was great to see some friends racing and meet Marc who I know through a mutual friend at work (we spoke on Facebook and both belong to the Tri Club) so it was cool to meet him and his son.  Also met a few other guys like Randy who ripped his shorts on the bike the poor guy.  I have to say that everyone I have met through the triathlon community has been awesome!  Finally I got my time print out and sure enough I had gotten 1st Place in Clydesdale but the best part was I felt great.   The LifeTime Tri Oceanside race was fun, it was fast, and it really was well put on.  I can’t wait to do it next year.  


Mission Bay Tri – 1st Place Overall–Relays!

What started as a reply to an e-mail to a fellow Tri Clubber turned into some swaps for members from injuries but we got a team together and met in person for the first time the Saturday before the event.  Come race day we all had great a great leg and killed it as the first relay team across the finish line.  Jeff who was the runner really brought home the gold sort to speak passing the only other relay team out of the blocks since I came in 2nd with the swim by about 30 seconds and Chris held down the bike portion with about the same 30 seconds behind the other team.  I think we’re going to stick together for the Koz Events next season so watch out San Diego “The Good, The Bad, and the …” are sticking around.  Our total time was 3 seconds over 1 hour at 1:00:03.   Congrats guys on an awesome race and great podium finish!

Lately the blog has been about training and about race results because well, that’s been what’s happening on the front lines.  Mentally it’s been an exhausting past few weeks!  With losing 100lbs adjusting mentally is much more difficult than adjusting physically.  It’s still hard to kick the fat guy mentality in how you view yourself.  You still have the access skin and you don’t take the easy way out through surgery so that just makes it a little bit harder.   I don’t let that keep me down though, there is no going back there is only pushing forward.  My body will adjust the way it needs to and I need to have faith in that.

I also made the choice this week to do 1 out of 3 Full Ironman’s before the end of 2015!  Nov 2014 is Ironman AZ which is my goal if I can be quick enough with my registration when it opens.  If not then it will be Ironman Coeur d’Alene or Ironman Wisconsin.  This was a big commitment for me.  I realize that the distance is one of the most demanding distances in the world and a true test of endurance.  I will need at least a year of prepping for the distance alone, but the hardest part will be preparing mentally.  Thankfully I have a year to prepare myself and I have a 70.3 coming up in March so 1 step at a time.

I had an interesting encounter with someone at the local 24 Hour Fitness who noticed my picture on their Facebook page (Yes I put it there) saying don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.  So he said “Clydesdale doesn’t count as a division and just cause I took first doesn’t mean anything.”  I was a little taken back by his boldness and then I asked if he was a triathlete, he replied “I did a sprint distance a few years ago and didn’t like it.”  So I said then what makes you think that Clydesdale doesn’t count as a division?  He replied, “because that’s a fat person division.”   I said well are you a professional at anything?  He said, “No!”  So I said I guess you don’t mean anything either.   All I could do really is laugh at the ignorance of someone completely random person.  Yeah there are those who think that the Clydesdale/Athena Divisions don’t mean anything and there is a stigma that it’s for fat people because it’s governed by weight and not age.  But lets get 1 thing clear.  Those same people went out and raced the same course that the others did and they did their best.  I’ve been committed to showing people that just because you’re overweight doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish what you want to do.  That includes losing the weight to achieve it.

Been getting asked about the love life with everything going on as well.  My response has been what love life?  It’s hard to meet someone when your life lately has been training and being committed to something that was once a dream to have enough confidence to finally say “I can do that”.  So my mentality is back to, if it happens it happens.   Right now it ain’t happening so on with life.

TriRock San Diego 2013 Race Report


My coach and I went over the race plan Friday as well as a nutrition plan.  Since I had been battle a respirator infection the last few weeks of training I wasn’t feeling as confident as I usually do since my training intensities were drastically reduced.  But I was confident that I could at least get a top 5 finish and complete the distance.  My projected time was 2:22:00 and it felt right after looking at all my training and the distances and doing the math.  Saturday night I was excited and got everything ready before hand so it was ready to go.  I went over every section of the race in my head including me crossing the finish line.

Race Day:
4AM wake up with an ensure down I was on the road to the event by 4:45AM after getting everything ready to go and mounted on the car.  I was nervous about a few things.  This was my first Olympic distance race, and they changed the swim route direction along with the bike route as well.  Got to the transition and setup in what my opinion was my best transition ever I wish I took a picture but I wasn’t going to be that guy at the race taking a picture of his transition.  Although I’m sure there was someone there who did it, but it wasn’t going to be me.  I had fellow TCSD’ers around me and we chit chatted about the race.

The Swim: Expected time 22:00 mins.  Actual time 33:04 mins.
TrirockswimThe swim start/finish was at the same spot which was a change from the past years.  We swam about 100M out to the start and had 1 minute before the start.  The start was delayed to allow the tide to come in a bit more.  But the gun went off and so did we.  I immediately got into a solid rhythm of things and kept my cool.  After that first right and turn you could immediately feel the stronger current pushing against you and really throwing you off course so I had to compensate quite a bit and I didn’t feel I was off by that much.  Then I started getting into the slower swimmers of the other waves which caused some congestion issues but I made by way through the pack and even had a few people cut me off cause they were zig zagging around the course and really caused some issues of running into people.  Finally after turning around and heading back towards finish I really starting to chew up the water and kept things calm and relaxed and swam my race.  I knew once I was out of the water I had left the rest of my wave in the bay.  The transition though was extremely long and the concrete got slippery fast as I saw 1 person almost slip and fall.  I made quick work of the gear change and off I went to the bike.  Overall my swim I didn’t push too much cause I didn’t want to use the gas I had in the tank but I felt I had a good swim.

The Bike: 2 Loops.  Expected time 55 mins.  Actual time 1:04:38
TrirockbikeI nailed the mount with the shoes clipped in and didn’t have any issues with getting my feet into the shoes while moving.  This was a huge improvement over my SDIT transition when I fumbled the shoes and had to chase one down.  I breezed through some people and off onto Harbor I went.  The road was ok at this point it looked freshly paved which was a huge improvement.  This course had us going over train tracks that in the past destroyed peoples tires and wheels.  The tracks also caused a few wrecks in the past.  As I zipped towards them at about 22 miles an hour they had people out there telling us to slow down and no passing as we went over the tracks.  I didn’t notice them on the first pass but they had put down plywood covers over the gaps which really made it much more pleasant going over.  However everyone else was slowing down well into the low teen speeds so it was a constant shift battle to get back up to speed.  Once on the Navy Base we had turn after turn which made the course much more enjoyable but it was constantly slowing down and speeding up.  Thankfully the street was good and I was able to almost maintain a 19.6 to 22-23 MPH speed but again it was slowing and speeding up.  Once off the Navy Base the road back towards the transition was just horrible and uneven.  This caused other riders to ride in all areas of the road instead of staying right.  So I did a lot of yelling “ON YOUR LEFT” and some people abided and moved over others sped up.  Coming into transition I got my feet out of my shoes without issue and did the dismount all in 1 swoop and nailed it.  I was a little fast but I still had control.  I was struggling to get my HR down to our discussed 138 BPM the lowest it got was 150 BPM but I felt good and had a really fast run transition but almost left without my running bib so I had to dash back and grab it.

The Run: 2 Loops.  Expected time 1:04:00.  Actual time 1:05:44
trirockrunComing out of the T2 my calves where a bit crampy but I tried to keep my pace slow to the 10:40 for miles 1-2 but the first mile was 10:33 and 2nd mile was 10:42.  My cadence was just horrible at 80 SPM verses my 90 SPM I was having a hard time finding my legs.Miles 3-4 didn’t get much better with 11:09 and 11:20 but I walked the aid stations outside of my 8-1 run walk ratio.  This point I mistakenly took some of the TYR Drink and my body didn’t like that at all.  but I kept trucking through and the last 2 miles got a bit easier.  Possibly at this point I didn’t see anyone passing me with a C on their calve.  My 5 and 6 paces were 11:54 and 11:11 at this point my quads where burning but I needed to finish strong.  It was great to hear people cheering for the Tri Club the support from the tri community is amazing. Over all the run course was nice and included some grass running along the embarcadero.  Had some outside runners on the course who just felt they needed to run along the path and yell at some of the runners in the race for telling them to move to the right.  Coming into the finish line was great in my head I thought that I had to have got first place, I didn’t see anyone with a C on their calve pass me but there were a lot of people who didn’t put their divisions on so I was a little worried.  It was great to see my family there cheering me on and Jojo made it down to cheer me and Diane on as well.  I’m used to crossing the finish line with no one really cheering for me but it was great to run down the red carpet and finish with at the time I felt was a top 3 finish.

After Party:  Wrapping it up.
The crowd was huge this race has gained popularity for sure.  After getting my shirt from the transition area I met up my family and Jojo and found Diane.  We checked out the results and I stopped reading after I saw that I was first in the Clydesdale/Athena division.  Then Diane said she got 2nd in her AG, yeah we rocked the TriRock.  I had done better than I expected and  I was happy, more so that it hasn’t really sat in yet as I write this.  But I have to say hearing the MC call me up at first place and then announce my swim time of 33 minutes I felt like a winner.  Showing everyone that just because you’re a big guy doesn’t mean you can’t achieve what you put your mind to.

Looking back on it a day as I write this report I feel that I should have pushed myself harder on the swim I’m really not happy with that swim time but after looking at my Garmin I actually swamp 1866 meters.  Who knows that extra 366 meters could have taken at least 4-5 minutes off that swim time.  The bike I knew would be a bit slower than projected cause of all the turns, but over all I was able to keep my average speed up.  I wanted to shoot for an average speed of 21-22 MPH but it would have completely spent my legs in the long run.  The run, well I am not happy with it at all and I need to really get that under control this off season.

First Place At TriRock San Diego Clydesdale.


This race was my “A” race of the season and back in June I bumped it up from the Sprint to the Olympic distance.  Before the distance change I told myself that this race will be my entry into a more competitive aspect of the sport called “Triathlon”.  I told myself that if I trained and put in the effort that I could get on the podium.  Back in June after I signed up for the 70.3 Oceanside in March I increased my TriRock distance to Olympic and told myself I’ll use it as a gauge for how I will do for the 70.3.  The last couple weeks of training I’ve been congested and sick with a respiratory infection of some kind and still a bit congested and wasn’t feeling 100%.  But my goal was top 5 and a top 3 “podium” finish would be nice but I just wanted top 3.  When I checked the results all I saw was 1 out of 15, I had gotten first in a my first Olympic distance race and a race I thought went like crap!  As of 3:38PM in the afternoon I still can’t believe it.  My family came down to cheer me on which helped add to the pressure (I put that on myself btw.)  My mom was just happy I was doing it since triathlon has become a bit of a passion.  My family was super excited to be there and cheer me on.  Jojo came down as well to cheer me and our friend Diane who raced the Sprint distance with Team Challenge.  Diane killed her race and placed 2nd in her age group.

It’s been a long 3 months and I’m super happy it paid off with the top spot.  What really separated this race from the past is that I was I got some coaching through TriDot and I joined the Tri Club of San Diego (TCSD).  TriDot developed a custom training plan for me and we adjusted it every 4 weeks.  I had made the commitment to triathlon and being more competitive in the sport.  I enjoy it and while at times the training can suck and you want to just take a day off, you push through it.  Joining TCSD was something I should have done years ago when I did my first triathlon.  There are workouts every week in some type of sport that are complete free and the people are awesome and always willing to help one another.  Now some people will say I caught the tri bug, I like to say I finally embraced it and believed that it was something I can be good at.

The race report will be coming soon.

3 Weeks Till Tri-Rock & Then Some!


I have 2 more weeks of hard training till my taper then I go into an almost solid 2 months of different races.  Here is the breakdown starting with the Tri-Rock.  Tri-Rock Sept 22nd, Tiki Swim Sept 29th, Swim Leg Mission Bay Tri Oct 6th, Lifetime Triathlon Oct 20th, Bike the Coast Nov 2nd, Las Vegas Half Marathon Nov 17th, Father Joe’s Turkey Trot Thanksgiving.  I’m feeling really good about all of them.   I’m going for a podium finish in everything but the Bike the Coast, Las Vegas, and the Turkey trot.  I think I can get top 3 overall with the Tikiswim based on my training times.  I feel like it’s a late start for me in the race season though but I’ll take it.

With my last 2 weeks of training before my taper I can really feel things coming together and I can really see some solid improvements and confidence in my abilities.  My swim has got faster with less effort, my cycling has improved to where on the flat tri-rock course I’m pretty sure I can put in an average of 22-24 MPH but realistically as long as I can push out 22 MPH I should be in good shape.  My run has steadily been improving to where my 5K time started at 11 min. miles are now down to 9 min. miles.  I’m still pretty confident that I’ll make a top 5 finish for the Tri Rock’s intermediate distance.

Friday night I decided that I wanted to swim 2 miles round trip and gauge my time for the Tikiswim where I think I can place in the top 3 overall in the 1.2 mile.  I swam it casually from La Jolla Cove to La Jolla Shores and did 1.8 miles in 48 minutes (it helps when I start my Garmin 910 when I actually start instead of 1/4 mile in)!  But I got into a rhythm and I was off to the races.  It also sparked my interest for doing more swim type races next summer!


Saturday was a whole new challenge, a 50 mile inland bicycling ride with the Tri Club of San Diego.  I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive at first, I had never in my life rode that far.  I figured it would take me 4 hours to do so.  I figured it would be a good test ride for the Oceanside 70.3 not so much the hills (which I grossly underestimated) but to be on the road for 50 miles and how I could handle it mentally and how the bike would hold up.  Halfway through the ride I made a wrong turn and completely lost the group and couldn’t seem to catch up to them.  But that was ok I was out of water and electrolytes so I made a stop at Jamba Juice for some water and a pick me up.  Rested for 10 minutes before going back out on the road back.  For the most part being alone for the last 30 miles was truly a mental test for me, cause my Bluetooth headset shut off to I guess it can’t hold a charge past 2.5 hours of straight play.  Every time I saw another hill in the distance to climb all I could do was sigh in disbelief that it didn’t get any easier.  Finally after I finished the 51 total miles I realized with all my quad cramping that there was no way I could finish a 13.1 mile run in the amount of time needed.  So I know where I need to improve.  But overall I’m glad I didn’t need to call anyone to come get me.  It was a huge personal hurdle that I jumped over.

These last few weeks I’ve been training on the treadmill cause the streets here in Pacific Beach are crawling with tourist and people not paying attention so I can’t really focus on meeting the training needs when I’m concerned with my own safety.  My legs have been sort for the last few weeks so it makes me think that if I had just done this at the start of my 16 week program I would have had more gains.  But it’s too late to worry about that now.  I just need to focus on what’s ahead.  I’m hoping by next years triathlon season is here I’ll have my run down to a 7 minute to 8 minute mile.

Ok, so why so many races so close to each through the end of November?  Well, I’m a short distance racer and I love it, but I decided to branch out and do some single sport races like the Tikiswim and the Bike the Coast.  So many people do running events but I needed to branch out, so it just happened that the race days for those 2 fell with plenty of time in between the others.  Then the relay race Oct. 6th is with some TCSD members and a 500M swim is a walk in the park for me so it will replace a training day.  The lifetime triathlon at a signup cost of 70 bucks I couldn’t pass up for a preview of what Oceanside will dish out to me come March so it will be my last triathlon this season.  The Las Vegas Half was fun last year and the course is super flat so it’s a good way to close up the year in Vegas!

Supporting Cast Members!


Every athlete has some sort of support system behind them.  Sure everyone says family and friends, it’s a common answer from almost everyone.  This blog entry isn’t about them, it’s about the people who support your body and your gear.  The pro’s have sponsors who handle off their gear and nutritional needs to make sure they are on top of their game.  Being an age grouper all this comes out of pocket and strictly from word of mouth referrals.  True it might be an individual race but there is a team behind the athlete and if it wasn’t for that team the one racing wouldn’t go very far.  I too have a great support cast starting with Dr. Dawn who handles my chiropractic needs.  Natalie from The Healing Nat who takes care of my sports massages and cupping needs.  Atsushi who handles all of my acupuncture needs (Speaking of who I need to see next week!).  Chris from Bike Shop Chris who handles my road bike for training.  Hi-Tech Bikes who takes care of my tri bike and long distance cycling needs.  These great places couldn’t make my transformation or accomplishments possible.

Dr. Dawn has been working with me for a few years now and has kept my back and body in working order.  She’s awesome, and has always made sure to give me a piece of her mind when I go and over do it.  I see her on a weekly basis, and I put all my trust in her when it comes to make sure that my body can take what my brain dishes out.  Thanks Dawn, you rock!

I have been going to Natalie for over a year now and what has started as massage to deal with shoulder issue’s has turned into a bi-weekly (usually) visit to make sure that my muscles are working along with the joints   Not only does she do massage but at times she deems it necessary to do some cupping on parts of the body to ensure that it’s ready for action.  I put all my trust in her when it comes to making sure my muscles can take the punishment I lay out for it.  Thanks Natalie, you’re amazing!  Oh yeah she just became a Yoga instructor as well.  Congrats!

Atsushi is the fun one who gets to stick needles into my body.  I was introduced to him by Natalie, and I probably don’t see him as much as I should but I swear by acupuncture.  Thanks Sushi and I’ll get in contact with you for next weekend for a session.

Bike Shop Chris and Hi-Tech Bikes really keep my bikes in order and I go to them for their expertise in keeping them up and going so come race time I’m not bonking or spending time repairing the bikes.  Thanks guys!

4 more weeks out till the Tri Rock San Diego and I’m getting excited.  I did my time trials this week for my training program and saw improvements across the board.  I’m getting excited to put all this training to use and get the race over with.  The Tri Rock San Diego will become an annual event for me since it was also my first triathlon ever.  It holds a special place in my heart and I’ve already set the goal high next year by dropping down into an actual age group and not the Clydesdale group.  4 more weeks to get my cycling improved and my running improved.  Let’s do this.

6 Weeks To Tri-Rock San Diego!

998432_10151850340193274_1427937368_n6 weeks till the San Diego Tri-Rock and I’m starting to feel nervous.  Training has been progressing and I’m very confident that I’m going to finish that was never an issue.  But my goal is to be a podium finisher in the Clydesdale division.  Now some people hear Clydesdale and discard the division as the fat guy division and assume it’s not competitive just because the guys are 220lbs and up.   While it might not qualify you for the USAT World Championships it is a great confident builder for heavier guys who have never done triathlon and know they can’t come close to competing with guys in their normal age groups who might weight like 160-170lbs.  Now I race Clydesdale and it will probably be my last year doing so as I’m slimming down and next year I might not make the weight limit, but I’ve also made it a goal of mine to try and qualify for the USAT World Championships by 2016.

Okay, so 6 weeks go to!  Since I don’t know who is entered in this race I have to race against the times from last years top 3 and my current training times.  I’m feeling confident in my swim in that I should finish the 1500M around 20 minutes with a bike time of 50-60 minutes, however the run I’m staring at a 60-70 run.  The run has always been my weak link.  I’ve been working on my run and increasing my cadence (Steps Per Minute).  It used to be around 70 SPM and it’s up to about 80SPM and I need to get it to at least 90 and keep my HR low into the 130 BPM’s.  I had an interesting thing happen to me on the last training run and I started to believe in the high SPM.  I noticed when my SPM dropped to around 70-74 my HR jumped up to 150-160BPM and when my SPM increased to 80-85 my HR dropped to 140BPM.  I was in disbelief at what just happened.  I’ll be damned coach was right and I need to really work on my running drills.  I don’t have enough time between now and Tri-Rock to get down to a 6:30-7 minute mile but that’s okay it’s all about improvement right now and I have a feeling that I will be able to gain a big enough lead in the swim and bike to where I can still finish on the podium.

Bike training has gone good but I need to get out on the road more.  I’ve done the vast majority of my training on my indoor trainer and while it has the upside of no traffic and no stop signs it has some serious drawbacks like no wind resistance and no ground resistance.  I’m going to be hitting the bike paths a bit more for my distance rides so that I can really get used to sitting in the saddle for long periods of time.  This will also help prepare the junk for the suspected 3 hours of biking for the Oceanside 70.3 in March.  Anyways, if I can keep my RPM’s high in the 90’s while I keep my HR in the 140 range while cranking an average speed of 21-22 MPH I think I’ll be doing great.  I will need to test this on my trainer and keep that average up since I can’t get that on the road thanks to traffic.  I’m really starting to grasp this more power less energy.  I’m feeling really good that after pushing it for 21 miles and being able to run 6 more miles to finish it off.  My nutrition will be the key.

The swim, well swimming has always been my strong leg and training has shifted me from the deep catch to a high elbow catch.  It’s been a change and it was hard to grasp at first but I think it’s starting to kick in and I have to be able to push it out and lead into a 16-17 min 1500M Swim.  I’m no longer concerned about being able to finish the swim portion of a half ironman, in fact I can finish the swim portion of a full ironman without an issue.  I surprised myself there and I can’t wait for the Tiki swim the weekend after the Tri-Rock.  1.2 mile swim and I’m gunning for 30 minutes in the open water.

So to wrap things up 6 weeks out I’ve definitely approved in every sport that makes up the Triathlon but I still have so much more to grow.  I still need to shed off close to 9% body fat as well and I’m sure probably 1-2% of that is extra skin from my almost 100lbs weight loss.  No surgery here, I’m going all natural.  I am out to prove to all those who say that big people can’t do it, WRONG.