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Learning to Run Again?

90 SPM running cadence, and I’m only at 75.  I am vastly learning that even though I could go do a 13.1 in back to back weekends I don’t know how to run efficiently.  So it really looks like I’ll be focusing more on drills rather than distance for a lot of my running workouts.  Through my coaching program I got a workout that has been proving next to impossible which is to run 8 minutes and walk 1 minute.  Sounds easy enough right?  Well the kicker is that I have to keep a 85+ cadence while keeping my HR around 96-123 BPM and a pace of 12:40.  As I increase my cadence to 85+ my pace goes down to a little 9 minutes and my HR shoots up to 150+.  See the trickery going on here?  So what’s the answer, how am I going to achieve what I think is the unthinkable?  I know it’s not impossible cause I see others do it all the time, so I will have to learn how to run again through various drills and videos on form and technique.

It was over a year ago that I could not run past 3 minutes without having to stop and walk for a couple minutes, I was averaging a 15 minute pace.  Then as I continued to run I achieved my fasted average pace in the Utah Valley 13.1 of 11 minute miles and being able to run the entire distance without stopping to walk and catch my breath.  Everyone encounters challenges that they feel are insurmountable but it is the determination that brings that task down to something achievable.

Short blog post, but the moral of the story is.  Don’t let something that seems so unachievable feel impossible.  It might seem impossible now but take the time to learn and build your foundation so that the impossible is now probable.