Stop Beating Yourself Up When You Fail

We live in a society where you’re looked down on when you fail.  People laugh at you when you aren’t perfect.  In today’s world there might be a video of it that will then appear on social media that rips into because you might have not been able to lift that 200lbs squat or you tripped 6ft before the finish line.   There is soo much negativity from people that failure now dictates that you aren’t any good and that you should quit.  There is nothing you can do about other people deciding to act the way they act.  You can however control how it effects you.

Most of the time the reason want to make fun of your failures is because they are too afraid to get up and try it themselves.  So in order for them to justify that fear to themselves they will wait for someone to fail in front of them.   Then because so many other people are in the same boat they all laugh and you feel bad because you are being laughed at.  No one likes it when they don’t get something right the first time, but if everyone got everything right the first time we wouldn’t have many of the things in life today, no one would think it was possible.

What they don’t understand is that success is breed through failures.  Failing only mean’s you successfully found a way to challenge yourself and learn and adapt and how to improve.    You’re never going to get there though if you completely rip yourself apart and beat yourself up just because you failed.   What you’re doing to yourself by this negative self-talk is doing more harm than that failure ever will!  When you beat yourself up, you are effectively trying to talk yourself into quitting what you’re doing, and that you shouldn’t try it again.

When you’re lifting weight and only lifting the same weight, you aren’t challenging yourself, but if you put weight on the bar and you start struggling… that’s when the magic happens.  Your muscles know that they can’t handle it, and your body is going to build stronger muscles.  So in that failure there is success!   When you fail and you get back up and doing it, your brain is already figuring out how to fix things before you even think about it consciously.

Accept that you’re going to fail at things, you’re going to screw up, and most of all, you’re going to succeed.  You’re going to improve, you’re going to get better the more and more you screw up.

It was Les Brown who said, “Those who have never failed, haven’t done anything yet!”

So go out there and find that success in failure, show the world that you can do it.   Go out, find a challenging goal.  Fail, be willing to do whatever it takes for you to succeed in achieving that goal.  It might not be easy, but the harder you work for it, the sweeter the success in achieving it.


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