Metabolic Efficiency Training–Phase 1?

For the past few months I’ve been researching how to be more metabolically efficient in my nutrition.  I knew the concepts of burning more fat for fuel and it’s something I’ve slowly been researching.   Let’s face it, I got a lot of stored fat and I want to use that for fuel.   So I went out and got the book by Bob Seebohar and read it and understood most of it.   In fact I liked the concept so much to where I researched into how to become METS certified for my own up and coming coaching business.

Here is a clip from the Amazon page about ME (Metabolic Efficiency).

“Teach your body to burn more fat to improve health and performance. The concept of Metabolic Efficiency (ME) can be applied to individuals just beginning exercise, fitness enthusiasts and the seasoned athlete. ME describes the relationship between the body’s ability to use fat and carbohydrate as energy sources across a variety of exercise intensities. Being more of a "fat burner" will allow you to improve your health, reduce risk for chronic disease, lose weight and body fat, improve athletic performance and eliminate gastrointestinal (GI) distress. The second edition of Metabolic Efficiency Training: Teaching the Body to Burn More Fat has been enhanced to provide more nutrition and exercise prescription strategies for individuals of all ages, abilities and fitness/sport interests. This book will provide very specific nutrition and exercise recommendations that will guide you through each training cycle with the end goal of improving your ability to use fat as fuel. Gone are the days of needing to consume a high amount of calories during training and competition. By improving your body’s metabolic efficiency, it is possible to significantly reduce the amount of calories you need during exercise. The end result will be improved health and performance with significantly reduced chances of GI distress.”

So now that you know the just of it and why I wanted to move down this path.  I knew what I needed to do, and that’s hire a coach!   Thankfully a fellow Ironman and fellow Base Performance Ambassador Jessica Baxter of Baxter Performance is just that!   So I signed up with her 12-week program and off I went.  I’d say I’m 1 week into the program, I’m keeping my carbs low and proteins and fats high and down 10lbs already.   Wait, low carbs high fat/protein?   Sounds like an Atkins or Ketogenic diet?   It’s not, cause both of those diets want your carbs to be well under 40G’s a day.   I need to still go out and get my workouts on.  That my friends is where Generation UCAN comes in.   While it does have carbs, it’s a superstarch carb that doesn’t spike my insulin levels which kill my fat burning process.   In fact I used it during my last 3 hour training ride and felt great the entire time.

More to come as I go through this and share my experience, but lets just say that I’m eating a LOT more greens, bacon, and avocados!   I’m finding it incredibly easy to keep things low carb and high protein/fat as long as I’m making it myself.  Once you touch anything processed you shoot yourself right in the foot.


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