Carlsbad Triathlon–Getting Back On Track

CarlsbadI signed up for this race 2 weeks before the race on a whim.  I have never done this race before so figured why not?  I’ve always volunteered as a swim buddy at this race and it’s a lot of fun.  It’s an actual ocean entry start and like previous years the waves didn’t disappoint.  I figured it’s just a sprint and what happens happens, although secretly I put a lot of pressure on myself in this race since I race Clydesdale it was to podium.  I didn’t really focus on what position I was in during the race and I was still having fun.  I rode 42 miles the day before and ran a mile right after.   I had to keep telling myself this isn’t an A race this is a just cause race.  It’s a local race and lots of friends were doing it, so it was a nice little social happy hour for me sort to speak.   I think it’s what I needed to get my head back into the training game and out of the little run I’d been in for the last couple weeks.

So a really quick race report for the Carlsbad Triathlon.

This is a small hometown race, but I found out very fast that it’s highly competitive even at the Clydesdale level.  There were about 40 of us, I took 5th.  I had 3rd for most of the race till the last mile when I started to ease up a bit, but I didn’t mind at all.  Ocean entry swim with plenty of waves crashing down.  Swam about 1400M in 21 minutes.  I took my time putting on my socks and off I went.  The bike started uphill and then it was up and down the coast with some rollers.  It was 15 miles and I cruised at 20.5 MPH and felt pretty good through the whole thing.  Coming into T2 it was all downhill so they really made us go slow.  The run started off flat and I was just cruising a casual pace or so I thought (it was really 9 min miles) so I had to slow it down a bit and cruise around 9:30 miles.  I was hitting 9:20 miles up until the final .25 miles of uphill to the finish line.  I walked a bit and talked to some friends, and cheered some of the other racers on.  After all I didn’t train for this race and I certainly didn’t train any speed work for it.  Over all it’s a great race and I’ll probably do it again next year.  5th out of 40 something… I’ll take it.

So last week leading up to the Carlsbad tri I really felt like I was in a rut.  It happens when you’re essentially training for over a year straight with a week off here and there.  Your mind goes to dark places where you question what the F*&K you’re doing.  Those negative thoughts creep in and start chipping away at you.  I tell all my athletes that I coach or help with that you have to take control of those voices.  You can’t let them control you.  I was letting them chip away at me still sitting around 240lbs, and not being in better shape than I was last year.  I was letting the fact that my HR rates were still so ridiculously low for the amount of effort, along with the fact that my power zones were even below.  I was getting frustrated at myself.  I knew it wasn’t going to get me anywhere either.  Everyone has their own ways of dealing with them, and I guess with mine it just took some time getting off the trainer and on the road a long with a race on the whim and no pressure to podium.

So this week so far, I’ve hit my workouts (except for swimming in the pool, I swam in the ocean instead).  I’ve started actually eating some more food as well.  Ironman Louisville isn’t going to train for itself and I have to make sure I focus on it a bit more.


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