Where did June Go? Ironman Louisville 3 Months and Counting!

In the month of June I managed to spend it traveling almost every weekend.  After recovering from the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon it was time focus on training.  It wouldn’t be without some hurdles but early on is the best time.  I spent the last 3 weeks in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New York, and Rhode Island.  It was a whirlwind of a month and I managed to visit 3 amazing YMCA’s in the process all at no extra cost.   I still had to get in my training and with no bike I had to resort to some spin classes and pools at the Y’s that I was going to be around.

The YMCA in Wisconsin was super clean and included an indoor track and indoor pool and children’s play area with water slides and all!  Yes I had some fun after swimming some laps and played like a kid.  Their spin bikes even had aero bars!  It makes me wonder why our YMCA in Mission Valley can’t get some, since there are a lot of triathletes there.  Funny though it didn’t get crowded at all for the entire 2 hours I was on that spin bike in the main gym area.

The YMCA in Pennsylvania was also super clean and had everything that the Wisconsin YMCA had, except thanks to the storms I didn’t get to swim.  Everyone here though was extremely nice and there were a lot of people too.  I kind of wish that it was the YMCA that could be sat right on top of Mission Valley.

The YMCA in Staten Island, well let’s just say that this one should be replaced by the Mission Valley YMCA.   However it’s in Staten Island and it would probably not last.  The spin class here though was quite eventful.  They didn’t have passes like we have here.  They had a sign in sheet and let me tell you, they take that list very seriously.   As far as the workout goes, I thought it was more like Soul Cycle, and it wasn’t all that great.

Once in Rhode Island though I had a rental bike and Friday the 3rd I was able to really ride around and rack up some mileage.  Rode from Rhode Island into Massachusetts and it was an awesome experience.  Very little cars on the roads out there, and the scenery is just amazing.  I could probably ride out there all day long.  There were no sidewalks were I was so it was running on the opposite side of the street which was a different experience as well.   I did most of my running in the middle of the day, otherwise I’m sure I would have enjoyed it much more.

Ironman Louisville, holy smokes Oct 11th is coming up fast.   This will be my second Ironman, and it almost seems unimportant to me.  It doesn’t seem to have the same excitement that IMAZ had last year.  Maybe it’s because there isn’t a group of my friends in San Diego doing it, but it seems like a solo journey this time around.   Even the Louisville Facebook Group doesn’t have that same excitement as the IMAZ groups.  It’s certainly going to be a trip though.


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