Going Vegetarian For A Few Weeks and a 24 Day Challenge (Phase 1)?

Sorry about the lack of updates on the blogosphere.  Life’s been busy between school and training.  St. George is in the books and Escape from Alcatraz is right around the corner.  How did 5 months go by so quick?

So as I go through this Health and Nutritional Coaching program they had us try different diets for a few weeks.  I went vegetarian for a few weeks, and it was really an interesting experience.  I learned a lot about that I don’t need meats to really make it through the day.  I learned new ways to cook and foods that I thought would taste bad, actually tasted pretty good.  I’ve stuck to a more plant based diet now and I eat a lot of veggie’s and beans.   It’s certainly made shopping easier because now I can spend 20 bucks and have enough food for lunch and dinner for a week.

So outside of the obvious discovering new foods, what was my experience, what did I feel?  The first few days, honestly I couldn’t tell a change at all.  I ate a lot of veggies and different types of beans.  I kept eggs and cheese in the diet, but what I found that I didn’t miss any type so of chicken or beef.  I didn’t have these cravings for a slap of rib eye or an entire chicken.   Because of this diet change I found I was also getting less sugars in my body.   I also discovered that finding a vegetarian option on menu’s while eating out doesn’t mean that it’s going to be healthy either.  Over the weeks I’ve added some fish back into the diet and bacon.   However I’ve still kept to mainly a plant based diet instead of animal based.  Some have asked well what does that mean?  it mean’s that I don’t base my meals around what type of meat I want.

In comes the 24 Day Challenge from Advocare.   I’m a distributor of the stuff and I use their Performance Elite line of products.  I told some of my friends though that after St. George I’d try the challenge.   So here I am writing this 11 days into the challenge.  The challenge consists of a 2 phases.  The first phase (10 days) is the cleanse phase to help ride the body of crap.  So with this I really was expecting to get a bunch of foo foo stuff that other people post on FB about the latest magic potion that consisted of Cheyenne, lemon, honey, and some other ingredient that you drink for 3 days and poof you’re all clean.   That didn’t happen which was good, instead it was some probiotics and some herbal pill and a fiber drink with some fish oil capsules.  Super easy to remember and easy to follow.  With this pill popping solution with fiber drink I was really expecting quality time in the restroom reading my “Metabolic Efficiency Training” book.  THIS part did not happen, and the movements were normal.   Sadly though with training and diet changes I’ve just felt run down and tired.   Now I can’t attribute this to the first phase simply because there are too many outside factors.  I’ve been getting late to bed, I had a long weekend of working odd hours, and I started lifting weights and dealing with some foot/shoulder issues that has kept me from running.  Phase 2’ results will come later in a couple weeks.

So what’s next some have asked?  Metabolic Efficiency Training (MET) for me.  Been reading a book on it, and then contacting some friends about more information on it.


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