2 Week Recap: 1st Place, Certified Swim Instructor, New PR in 15K

WP_20150321_18_19_40_ProLife’s been really busy here as I started my schooling with the Institute of Integrated Nutrition, Certified Personal Trainer, Ironman training, and my day job.  As I read and learn more about foods and the food industry it absolutely amazes me that our government is essentially allowing the corporate food industry to poison the American Public all in the name of greed.  For the first time ever back in I think it was 2011 there are more overweight people than there are underweight people on the planet!   American’s are in an over abundance of food and we are the most wasteful country on the planet when it comes to food.   So what can be done about it?  It starts when the consumer and their level of knowledge.   In America most people know that the food they buy is killing them but they simply don’t care or they don’t have enough money to eat right.   That’s right they don’t have enough money to eat a healthy diet!!!   So because they don’t have enough money to survive there are going to now be sick and now cost more in healthcare!   The healthcare industry and food industry is in the business to make money and it’s at our expense.   So that’s been the breadth of my school the last 2 weeks along with learning the muscle system, skeletal structure, and nervous system.  Let’s just let that one sink in for a bit.

WP_20150315_13_08_02_ProOn March 15th I did the Olympic distance Super Seal Triathlon and got first place in the Clydesdale Division.   This race is a small event maybe consisting of 500 athletes.  I didn’t have an overly great race.  I was literally in the last wave starting at 9AM.  We had to be out of transition by 7AM so I had 2 hours of standing around twiddling my thumbs.  By that time the sun was out in full force and I was standing in the bay just to keep cool.   Anyways by the time the horn blew we were off and I was holding what seemed to be an extremely slow pace (1:35 min/100yrd).  Pulled out a 24 min swim (rounded up) which is the typical for me.  Decent transition from swim to bike, when just as I was about to mount my bike the guy ahead of me essentially cut me off by not turning is bike to go out the shoot before mounting.   Either way once on the bike I started settling in and putzing with my HRM since it showed 0 for my HR which wasn’t good.   Had what seemed to be a headwind the entire time but I was still able to churn out a 20MPH avg.  At the 2nd turn around though caught some tail wind and was able to crank it up to 27 MPH at least for 2-3 miles before the headwind got us again.   Since the sun was essentially baking us I was completely dry, the sweat was evaporating just as fast as it was coming out.  I was popping salt every 15 minutes or so, and then I took a salt stick right up the nose.   That wasn’t fun, but what race wouldn’t be fun without surprises.   The run was just a sufferfest trying to stay hydrated (went through 4 water bottles) and keep the legs going.  Special thanks to the supporter who let me swap my empty water bottle for her full one.

The following weekend I had my US Swim Masters Adult Learn To Swim Certification class.  I was excited to take the class and actually learn the steps and processes of teaching adults how to swim.  I’ve been a swimmer since I was 5-6 and while I can’t remember the lessons I took if any, I certainly know that swimming comes naturally to me now.   So it’s hard for me to understand how a person just doesn’t know how to swim and then the steps it takes to teach them.   So I figured since I help out with the Triathlon Club of San Diego’s Beginner Open Water Swim why not learn and truly help people not be afraid of the water?   So I did it and I had a lot of fun.  I even now have to find a pool to teach in for one-on-one’s as I’ve had people ask me to teach them.

The Hot Chocolate 15K – This is a fun race and the course is challenging as there is not a single flat on it.  Last year I ran it 1:31:32 with a 9:47 avg and felt like I was going to die.  I was also in much better training shape as I was peaking for Ironman Oceanside 70.3.   This year though I ran it in 1:26:46 with a 9:21 Avg.  I felt great during the run and after run outside my hip flexor being super tight since I haven’t been stretching or doing Yoga.

All in all though it’s been a great last 2 weeks. 


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