San Diego Half Marathon Race Report – 2015

V__2F3EThis is my second year running this race.  Last year I ran it as my last real long run before my first half Ironman.  I ran it in 2:12:xx.  This year I ran it in 2;06:08 and felt really good the entire way through.  Honestly I didn’t really have a game plan going into this race, at least a solid one anyways.   The schedule called for a long training run which usually means at my Z2 pace which is about 10:20 or so.   Then I figured I’d see what I had in me and went to see how fast I could do it without totally wrecking myself.  I felt really good with training going into the race.  I had ran every day in February which was an all time high for me.  I completed a 10 mile run and a Ragnar Relay.

So race morning went like any other morning.  Had my pre-race breakfast of PB & banana sandwich.  Set off to the start with my coach and her husband who gave me a ride.  Got down to the venue and did quite a bit of walking around and talking with fellow TCSD members.  I looked at my wave and it had me in wave 12.  I was pretty ticked that I was stuck back here.  When I registered I put 2:15:xx as my finish time and figured I’d be put towards the middle waves finally.  Well nope they had me back with the 2:45 and 3 hour finishers.  So what does this mean?   It mean’s that I’ll be battling the walkers and zig zagging in and out of the walls of walkers who are there taking up the entire running lane.  So anyways the waves rolled through very fast from the start.  Then I was running the race started.  I was cruising a really good pace through out the entire race.   My coach ran the rest of the race with me from mile 3 to the finish line.  It was fun.  Right about mile 9 right before the run up Washington St. my right hip started to act up and it’s been a bit tender lately.  Queue not enough stretching and yoga.  During the race I took in 3 GU’s and was popping some Base Performance Electrolyte Salts.   I didn’t take any of the on course Ultima electrolyte drink since I can’t stomach the stuff and will throw up  about 1 minute after it goes down.    The weather was awesome with the sun out and it wasn’t too hot either.

Thanks to everyone for their support and what a great race to run.  Can’t wait till next year.


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