Life Changes and Directions. Schooling and Certifications Incoming.

Almost everyone who knows me knows that I’ve been in IT since I was 21.  I have a mind that is good with coming up with solutions to problems and troubleshooting problems.  I took a liking to computers and such from a young age.  However I find IT incredibly boring these days.   As a career it’s been fun to learn some of the power behind them and what they can do and keep us connected to one another.  However it’s far from rewarding on a personal level.  I get no gratification from helping an IT consultant run a PowerShell CmdLet to assign permissions to a mailbox.  This is something they should know how to do or figure out on their own.   It’s been time for me to pursue other things that are more rewarding like helping people reach their goals either with weight loss, healthy lifestyle change, being able to run a 5K or even marathon.  So what changes are going on?

Well to start I’ve enrolled to become a Health Coach.  There have been several people around me who said I should become a coach.  Well now I’m going after the education to actually do it.  I also am circling around to my Person Training Certification.  I took an educational course and just never took the test.  I’ll finally be doing that this year as well.  While I’ll still most likely not be able to leave the day job in IT being able to really work with people will certainly make things much better.  Who knows where this is going to lead.

Training wise I’ve been doing a LOT of running and it’s been paying off.  Did my California 10/20 10 mile run in 1:38:30 and felt great through the whole thing.  Represented SunRype out there and gave out some samples to some fellow TCSD members.   Just have to keep plugging away and keep those goals in sight.  I’ve got a Ragnar going on Friday/Saturday which will certainly be interesting as I’ve never done or wanted to do one before.  I don’t know how I got talked into this one.  My diet during training has for the most part been pretty spot on.  Able to still go out and enjoy food that everyone else indulges on and it won’t kill my performance either.


One thought on “Life Changes and Directions. Schooling and Certifications Incoming.”

  1. I’m currently studying for my ATC (athletic trainer certified) and CSCS (certified strength and conditioning) certifications. Good luck on your studies and hopefully career change! Sending positive thoughts and courage your way 🙂

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