1st Place in 120+ Relay 2nd Over all Relay and 100 Mile Bike 12 Mile Run.

WP_20141005_10_00_28_ProWhat a weekend!  Biked over 100 miles Saturday in 5:30:xx mins.  Took 1st place at the Mission Bay Triathlon 120+ relay division and placed 2nd overall in the relays only losing to the first place team by 1 minute Sunday morning.  Ran 12 miles Sunday night and a 4 mile recovery walk.  Let’s do the race first.

Mission Bay Triathlon: 1st in division and 2nd over all relays.
It was a new course this year and we had a new cyclist since Chris has booked a trip on the same weekend.  I was 1st out of the water by about 30-45 seconds and then I handed it off to Kevin who cycled his way to keep the first place alive with only about a 2 minute lead.  Jeff ran his tail off with a 21 minute 5K.  The guy on the other team who’s half Jeff’s age ran a 19 minute 5K and over took Jeff for their overall 1st place.   Good thing they were in a different division!  The new course was fantastic and it was super flat.  It was nice to keep that gold coming in at the Koz Event races and I hope to keep them coming in.  I was also racked next to Sonny Garcia which was pretty cool as well.WP_20140922_002

Saturday Training: 110 miles on the bike
After learning last weekend that I cannot do just liquid nutrition on the bike I resorted back to what I knew worked… bonk breakers and APX.  It was hot of course and the heat was brutal but I nailed my nutrition so much to where I felt like I could keep going for another 50-100 miles.   I also tried out my new Fusion Sports US Speed Suit which was simply amazing.  Can’t wait to use it at my races from here on out.

Sunday Training: 12 mile run
I really didn’t want to do this, I was kicking and screaming and didn’t want to go but ended up going regardless.  The legs held up ok with soreness and spasms in the hammy’s around mile 8.5 but finished off the 12 and then walked another 4 miles.  It was a little strange running in the evening and watching PB’s Sunday fun day go from wrapping up to totally dead by 10:30.

Overall I’m happy with the weekend.  I survived it and pushed myself past limits that I previously didn’t think I could handle.  In terms of my weight loss to be honest I haven’t even bothered looking at the scale lately.  I know I can still drop 20-30lbs of fat and it’s extremely difficult to do so while staying fueled for my workouts so I’m just not focusing on it till after IMAZ.   At which point I’ll try and focus some more on building my aerobic base so I can burn fat more efficiently.

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