It’s The Small Steps That Create Progress.

WP_20140809_18_15_31_ProWhat a weekend.  I was a date for a friends High School Reunion which meant I had to go shopping.  I stayed away from shopping for a while because I was kind of afraid of buying nice clothes.  It was always an awkward experience for me.  I’d have to go the fat guy section and piece together parts of suits that fit.  I was pretty stoked that I could actually shop in the regular sized part of the store and that I actually put on a L shirt.   It was a huge moral victory for me.  I didn’t really realize how good I’d look in the till my sister happened to catch this candid shot of me talking to my step father.  It was for the first time that I honestly felt pretty damn handsome and people weren’t just being nice by telling me.  They honestly meant it.

I couldn’t say that it wasn’t without my challenges either.  in 2010 I had dropped down to 246 lbs and let the success get to my head and after a snow boarding accident that kept me from working out I let myself balloon back up to over 330lbs over the next 2 years.  My party lifestyle had taken over and I was unhappy with my job at the time.  Everyone loved the big drunk Chris except for myself.  Then in 2012 I had taken a vacation to Japan with my friend Gregg and it really hit me how big I really was.  I could barely sit in the airplane seat and it hurt to squeeze into the seat.  When I was at a baseball game I had to squeeze into those seats as well.  Yeah I know it’s Japan and all but it looked like I was going to spill into other seats.  So over the next 2 years it’s been a lot of small changes like workouts, diets, quitting the party life, getting serious about triathlons, and getting serious about my health that have all stacked up to where I am now.  It’s ok to take your time work hard for your goals.  It’s OK to set lofty goals and have high expectations.  Change doesn’t happen over night though.

When I first decided to lose weight and get healthy back in 2009 I had no idea that 5 years later I would have dropped over 170lbs, ran in over 10 half marathons, a half Ironman, and training for a full Ironman (140.6) miles.  I started small with just the 5K’s which at the time took me 50 minutes to complete and through the years my fasted 5K now has been 24 minutes.  My first half marathon back in 2008 took more than 3.5 hours to finish and now it’s a little over 2 hours.  It’s all those small runs that add up over time that has allowed me to get faster and stronger.  Just like weight loss, it’s the consistent loss of 1-2lbs over time that add up and before you know it that 2 lbs turns into 10 lbs and that 10 lbs turns into 100lbs.  The clothes slowly start to inch down from 4XL to a L.  You’ll notice all those little changes in your life that transform your passions and interest.   Your no longer living to work, you’re now working to live.  All those small changes add up and you’re progressing with each small thing.

Pic_14bf88d7-a1a8-4800-95ec-0149242f1833I also did a Transformation Tuesday picture on my athlete page since it had been a while.  As I was looking through my pictures and I found it incredibly difficult to look at my fat pictures without being completed disgusted with myself.  I kept asking myself why did I let myself get to that size?  What on earth was I thinking?  Why did I let myself get complacent with things?  I thought about them all for a couple seconds and thought to myself never again.   As I’m writing this out what I can see is that aside from all the small physical things adding up so did my confidence and my sense of self belief.  It’s the small mental changes to that add up and build that confidence in yourself.  There are so many small things working together that push you forward and progress you through your life to where you want to go and what you want to do.   Enjoy them, don’t be in a rush, cherish them, share them, and most of all be PROUD of those changes.


One thought on “It’s The Small Steps That Create Progress.”

  1. Proud of you, man. Reminds me of the times when I decided to quit smoking. People with a strong will just do it. Period.
    Thumbs up!

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