Been Slacking and I know It.

Training lately has had it’s challenges… The weather this summer has been crap.  It’s been hot and humid (almost feels like I never left Chicago or Minneapolis).  This in turn has prompted me to put off some of the longer training things till later in the day or early in the morning.   I’ve been letting some of the little things really hold me back and feel like I’m not doing enough and truth is..  I haven’t.

Yesterday after the 3 mile Sea Beast Swim I was supposed to go running for a hour and thirty minutes but it was starting to get hot and muggy so I put it off till later.   Well later came and went and it was still muggy and miserable.  I told myself I’d do it in the morning, but completely forgot that I had my VO2 testing in the afternoon.   So I couldn’t do it in the morning and screw over the test.   So now I have to do it tonight.  I should have done it last night knowing full well I didn’t have to be up early.   So after today it’s back to putting in the work.  I can’t expect to get better if I’m not making the sacrifices.

I’ve also been slacking a bit with the diet.  I’m at 238 when I really need to be pushing down to 215.   It’s been a mix of not eating enough on training days and eating too much on non-training days.  I try to eat as much whole foods as possible but I need to be a bit more strict with it.   Have to apply the knowledge I know and just get it done.


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