Confidence Building 6 Weeks and Counting!


Got to meet the Women’s 2013 Ironman World Champion and the US Top Men’s Ironman Finisher Mirinda “Rinny” Carfrae and Timothy O’Donnell at our Tri Club meeting how cool is that!  I have to say that joining the Triathlon Club of San Diego has been the smartest choice I’ve made since deciding to jump into the triathlon community with competitive goals in mind.  The people are awesome and are always nice regardless of your walk of life.   That’s been something that I’ve noticed amongst triathletes.  It doesn’t matter what you do for your career or the distance you race.  You’re a triathlete and you’re an equal and everyone is treated as equals regardless of your speed.  So anyone who is thinking about doing a triathlon and enjoys doing them afterwards go out and join your local triathlon club.

6 weeks out and counting down, YIKES!   It’s hard to believe that I only have 4-5 weeks of hard training before the taper down to race day.  Physically I feel that I am prepared for what race day is going to have in store for me.  I’m confident I’ll be amongst the top swimmers and I’ll be able to hold my own on the bike.  The run I now feel that I will be in the top 50% compared to bottom 50%.  I’ve started mentally preparing for the race and spotting my mental low points during the bike and the run and how I can conquer that evil voice telling me that this was stupid and why did I sign up for this?  I’ve made some adjustments to my nutrition preparation/plan, but I still need to execute it properly.  I’ll have 2 sprint triathlons before race day along with 2 more race simulations for the distance so I’ll have a solid stance on where I will be race day.  Speaking of races here is a list of my official race schedule for 2014.   Sadly they had to cancel the Jump Aquathon so I am looking for an April race.

2014 Race Schedule
Feb 28th – Tritonman Tri
Mar 16th – SEALSprint (Sprint)
Mar 29th – Oceanside 70.3 Half Ironman
Apr 26th – Jump Aquathon (Cancelled)
May 4th – Spring Sprint (Swim Relay)
May 31st – Bass Lake Tri (Olympic)
Jun 29th – ITU Chicago (Olympic)
Jul 12th – LifeTime Tri Minneapolis (Olympic)
Aug 3rd – New York Triathlon (Olympic)…
Sept 6th – SD Tri Classic (Olympic)
Sept 21st – TriRock Bike Relay (Olympic)
Oct 5th – Mission Bay Sprint (Swim Relay)
Oct 19th – SD Triathlon Challenge
Oct 26th LifeTime Tri Oceanside (Olympic)
Nov 16th – Ironman Arizona 140.6

I think with all the races leading up to IMAZ that I’ll be ready to take it on.  The upside to my fall race schedule is that most of the races will be a relay so I won’t be completely out of gas and I have 2 weeks from LifeTime Tri Oceanside to IMAZ to recharge the batteries.  I’ve also made the decision to move into my Age Group of 35-39 for the Bass Lake Triathlon instead of racing Clydesdale.   I looked at the results from last year and I feel that I can race competitively and get in the top 3 and possibly win the race and qualify for USAT Nationals.  Now I could go to Wisconsin and race the USAT Nationals as a Clydesdale since it’s open, but I want that letter saying that I qualified.  If you look closely you will see that there is NO 13.1’s or 26.2’s in there.  I just don’t have the desire to run any of them this year as my focus is really going to be on triathlon and preparing for November.  I realize that running is the only way to improve my run but I’m going to focus on my run training and running at least once a day for at least 3 miles.   I can put aside 30 minutes somewhere to get in 3 miles.  I’m also going to keep my treadmill runs to a minimum of incline 4.  My weight has slowly creeped down which is a good thing but I am not happy that my BF% isn’t dropping as much as I had hoped but I just need to keep on it.


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