Recovery Week–Maintaining Focus??

Well I’m not going to lie, it’s been a very hard week staying focused as I recover from the RnR Half and getting over being sick.  My body feels run down lately, and mentally it’s been a challenge.  I’ve been in the pool and doing some training but hadn’t done any serious intensity to anything and just kind of went through the motions with no real goal.  Was in the pool today with my workout and felt good through it physically but mentally I was checked out.   My interval times were good, but mentally my head just was not in the game.  With Oceanside just 2 months away I need to really start staying on track or I certainly won’t come close my my 5 hour personal goal time.  Realistically it will probably be more 6 hour but I set the bar high.  Even my diet this week has taken a back seat and I’m kind of afraid to even set food on the scale but I’ll do it tomorrow morning.

On another note on yesterdays short ride I was able to try out my new carbon wheel set.  Everything felt good and I didn’t even get out of the small ring during the entire ride and I certainly didn’t feel like I was using even 70% of what I have in terms of capacity so this coming race simulation on Saturday will be fun.   I got an Xterra Stand Up Paddleboard this week for some weekend fun after training which I can’t wait for.   Did some ocean kayaking for the first time ever this past weekend as well which was amazing!   Got out past La Jolla Cove where I usually swim and hung out with some of the sea lions and some birds.  I think I need to get a kayak so that I can take it out farther next time and maybe see some whales and other animals.


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