1 Week From Rock N Roll Arizona

I’ve been going hard since December with a moderate break for the holidays.  I was feeling ready for the Rock N Roll Arizona Half Marathon coming up on January 19th.  Then on Saturday disaster struck with a cold.  To much of my disproval I took Saturday and Sunday off from any training and instead took a trip to the local CVS and stocked up on supplies.
Monday morning I woke up and could still feel the linger cold stuff but Operation Kill Cold is still in effect.  The ammo currently being used is: Sudafed, Mucinex Spray and Tablets, Dayquil, Tunnusin DM, Airborn, and Zicam.  With morning and nighttime neti pot treatments.  So far it appears I’m winning the war, but not without some cost…  Training Time.

With 1 week till race day in a state I rarely visit but will be doing my first full Ironman in thank god it’s only a half marathon.  Thankfully my taper week is on, but I really wanted to get out and do a full 13 miles before hand and keep my training on pace for my half Ironman.  Over the weekend mileage wise I was supposed to get in roughly 16 miles and I got 0 in.   It’s like everyone says the hard part is not training and letting your body rest.  Well this morning on Monday I decided I was going to go to the gym and keep it a very low intensity workout which I did.  I did 2 miles at maybe 50% capacity and then finished it up with a 1 mile run.  I still kept up with the drugs and sat in the sauna for about 20 minutes to sweat things out and keep the airways clear.  Which means I have to be even more strict on the diet as this last 5-6% Body Fat is proving to be next to impossible to get off as well.  I’m finding that dropping weight these days is almost next to impossible which means my body is at it’s walking weight which is good.  Now I just have to improve on it even more.


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