Oceanside 70.3 Half Ironman Has Started!

16 weeks…  That’s all the time I have to prepare myself for what will be my longest distance race thrown into 1.  I’ve done the 3 stages (swim, bike, and run) individually but never all together.  For this race I went with a coach and a nutritionist, both came highly recommended.  My coach Julie is also a running coach agreed to help me more with my run so we started that a couple weeks early.  Mind you I was not really happy about this cause I did want some time off from training.    But if it’s what I have to do so that I’m a better runner it’s what I have to do.  My nutritionist Jennie is also a power lifter and one of the strongest women in the country and she also has several endurance athletes do their nutrition so I’m confident that things will be good.   So why both the coach and nutritionist you ask?  It’s because I don’t want to just “Finish” my 70.3, I want to be able to move and recover afterwards.  Even though my next A race won’t be till the end of June I will have several Olympic distance local triathlons up till then.

Running, I can say that in the past week I’ve logged roughly 26 miles of running and it’s only going to increase.  I do most of my running on the treadmill for a couple reasons.  My first is that for me it’s generally safer, I don’t have people in my way that I have to dodge cause they are completely unaware of their surroundings.  The second is that I have found it forces me to keep my mind occupied.  I’ve read several race reports where the racers have said that at some point your mind tells you that you are stupid and that you should quit.   I find this happening at mile 1 no matter what the distance.  So yes I’m able to keep it occupied for 13 miles in the half marathons that I’ve done but I’ve never had to do it after a 56 mile bike ride so it will be interesting for sure.  The number 1 question that I keep getting asked is how do my knee’s feel.  Honestly the knee’s feel great, and that’s part of actually learning to run.  I’ve watched video of me running and video of others running and you could see a huge difference in how I ran.  I would highly recommend taking a clinic on how to run.


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