Rock n Roll Las Vegas 13.1–Report

WP_20131119_001I signed up for the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Half back in January.  I didn’t know what the year was going to hold or how it going to play out.  I signed up because I wanted to to see how I’d improve in a year.  This year my unofficial time off my Garmin was 2:24:50 compared to 3:09:00 last year.  I am 60lbs lighter than last year and I was able to stick to my game plan.  Run the race and walk the aid stations.  On the course map they showed aid stations every mile but on actual race day they were more like every 2-3 miles.  In the days leading up to the race I was feeling mixed about it and told myself it’s the last race of a LONG 7 weeks with races on 6 of those.  I didn’t really train for this race as I was already feeling a bit exhausted.  Thankfully I’ve built a solid fitness foundation to where I was able to still PR and keep progressing forward.


The Race Report:  Too Many People!

Rock n’ Roll events are huge with 30K plus people.  Managing that many people can be tough but they do the best they can.  Now when I signed up back in January my time was 3+ hours so that’s what I seeded myself at.  Joanne seeded herself somewhere at 2.5 hours since she was in corral 25 and I was in 32.  I jumped up to her corral which had the 2:30 pacers.  Mentally I told myself we are going to beat them no matter what (we did).  As the race got started I expected it to be crowded the first 2-3 miles like last year.  It was and we were running on the dirt center divide because of the amount of people who were walking in groups taking up a whole half of the street.  This kind of stuff just irritates me to no end cause you’ve got people who are trying to run behind you and you’re walking in front of them.  If you want to walk the entire course seed yourself to the back of the pack or at least stay off to one of the sides.  Do not walk in a wall with your friends taking up half the street… It’s rude.  Ok back to the race.  The course runs the entire length of the strip so it’s a good flat course that keeps the energy levels high from all the support and live bands and the finish puts you at the base of The Mirage.  It still really is a fun course even with all the people.  We (Joanne and I) kept a pretty solid pace of 10:30 min/mile through the turn around and we hit mile 9 and we both said that we’re doing great and not going to walk like last year.  Last year this is where leg cramps hit me and I was stuck walking the rest of the way.  But right around mile 10 when I was passing a walker another man was doing the same thing and he stepped on the front part of my foot almost causing me to fall.  Needless to say my foot started throbbing and I wasn’t happy.  But I told myself that I wasn’t going to stop and I kept going.  Now this slowed my pace down to 11:30 miles which really pissed me off but it’s not like I could do anything.  I noticed my steps per minute decreasing as well so my form was on the way down as well.  Around mile 12 the pain in my foot was starting to become intolerable when I pushed off with it so I slowed it down to a walk for a few feet for the last final push.  It felt good to cross the finish line with a new PR by 3 minutes, especially with little to no run training.

After the Race: iI could have done another 5 miles perhaps.

After the race my right foot felt like someone dropped an anvil on it and the back side of my ankle was bleeding from the rubbing but my brain already blocked that out.  All I could really think about is that come March I will need to have completed that after swimming 1.2 miles and biking 56 miles and could I do it?   The answer is yes. 


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