Where Did the Time Go?

Wow it’s the end of October and where did the year go?  The days are shorter and the temps are cooler, and like clockwork I step on the scale, except this time it’s not reading 320lbs.  I’ve been hovering from 240-250 during the week as training has slowed down (I use that phrase loosely).  It’s hard cause in the back of my mind it’s not low enough.  But when I first started my weight loss journey I said that I would be happy around 240lbs.  Surprisingly enough now that I’m here it’s still not good enough.  I want to get down another 20-25lbs so I’m sitting around 220lbs which I think is a solid racing weight and a healthy body fat weight.  My current BF% is around 17-18% and I’m looking to get it down to 12-15% which should be a healthy level for being as active as I am.  That will be my goals next year.  With 2 more months left in the year and 2 more races before my couple weeks of off season I’m going to call 2013 a revolutionary year for me.  So looking back at 2013, I’ve found some direction in my life, I’ve found a sport that I truly enjoy, and I pushed my limits. Yeah, sorry didn’t find a girlfriend yet, sorry. Dating is actually a whole other blog post.

thCALFMNJLFinding direction through the means of fitness and helping others achieve their goals.  As people saw the weight shed off from my frame people started to ask me how I did it.  How this, or why that, and that’s when I decided it was time to educate myself in personal training and cater strictly to obese people.  So with my training done I’ll be looking to get those certifications early December and January.  A few people I’ve been helping on and off here and there and their results have been inspirational.

I truly enjoy the sport of triathlon. Yeah it’s 3 sports thrown into 1 but it’s awesome, and the tri community is nothing short of a family.  Since jumping in officially since June 1st, I’ve been on the podium in every triathlon race I’ve entered. Even if it’s Clydesdale, it’s a start and it felt good to be up there and hearing my name called. 2014 probably won’t have as many podium finishes as I am focusing on the longer distances but I will hear my name being called by Mike “Chris Holley, You are an Ironman”

So how have I pushed my limits?  Lets see, I’ve had some type of race every month so far.  Then in June I had back to back half marathons which I broke personal records with.  Then in September I reached my goal of 1st place in the Tri Rock San Diego Olympic Distance race.  My longest triathlon distance to date.  I was able to bike 53 miles without passing out.  I’ve started to believe that I can really do an Ironman distance at 140.6 miles.  I full believe that once you believe you can achieve something you will do it.

So what is 2014 going to have in store for me?  Racing wise lets just say during the summer I am going to be very busy.  Training wise I’ll have a very small social life if I even have one.  But the rewards of accomplishing a childhood dream will be worth it.  As the lifestyle change has been a constant journey for me from a partier/drinker to a full blown triathlete.  When I started I just knew that I needed to change and I had the direction of where I wanted to go, with the rest of it stuff along the way.  It’s a constant change and staying focused on what you want to achieve.


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