4 Days Till Race Day, Still NOT 100%


Sorry for the late post but the past 2 weeks I’ve been battling a respiratory infection of some type and training has been kept to a minimum.  Between the antibiotics and the other lovely drugs I’ve been off in la la land for the most of the past 2 weeks but coming on up on race day here and trying to get back to 100%.  I’ve put in the training time and some days I didn’t put in the intensity but I got the workouts done.  I initially signed up to do the sprint distance back in January but decided after I did the ITU that it was time to bump up to the intermediate.  It’s double the distance of the sprint I got this.  So what’s this intermediate distance I speak of, it’s 1500M Swim, 21 Mile Bike, and a 6 Mile run to round it out.  I’m expecting a 2:25:00 and a podium finish, but after these past 2 weeks I’ll be happy with a 2:30 finish in the top 5.  The course is super flat so I should be able to make quick work of it all.  I haven’t competed in a tri since the SDIT back in June but I’m feeling pretty good about it and my decision to bump up to the intermediate distance.

The TriRock was my first triathlon back in 2010 and I did it just say that I did it.  It was just the sprint distance and the 3 mile run seemed like it was an eternity.  I didn’t think that I’d ever say that I’m going to attempt to make a podium finish especially in the intermediate distance.  The TriRock will also hold that special place in my heart and will most likely be an annual race for me.  Last year I did the relay with 2 of my friends Josh and Jojo (FloJo) and we had a blast.  Sadly I missed the 2011 one but my Vikings where in town playing the Chargers and at that point in time Football > Triathlon.  Go Vikings!  Sadly they lost and McNabb really did suck.  But 4 more days so bring it on!


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