3 Weeks Till Tri-Rock & Then Some!


I have 2 more weeks of hard training till my taper then I go into an almost solid 2 months of different races.  Here is the breakdown starting with the Tri-Rock.  Tri-Rock Sept 22nd, Tiki Swim Sept 29th, Swim Leg Mission Bay Tri Oct 6th, Lifetime Triathlon Oct 20th, Bike the Coast Nov 2nd, Las Vegas Half Marathon Nov 17th, Father Joe’s Turkey Trot Thanksgiving.  I’m feeling really good about all of them.   I’m going for a podium finish in everything but the Bike the Coast, Las Vegas, and the Turkey trot.  I think I can get top 3 overall with the Tikiswim based on my training times.  I feel like it’s a late start for me in the race season though but I’ll take it.

With my last 2 weeks of training before my taper I can really feel things coming together and I can really see some solid improvements and confidence in my abilities.  My swim has got faster with less effort, my cycling has improved to where on the flat tri-rock course I’m pretty sure I can put in an average of 22-24 MPH but realistically as long as I can push out 22 MPH I should be in good shape.  My run has steadily been improving to where my 5K time started at 11 min. miles are now down to 9 min. miles.  I’m still pretty confident that I’ll make a top 5 finish for the Tri Rock’s intermediate distance.

Friday night I decided that I wanted to swim 2 miles round trip and gauge my time for the Tikiswim where I think I can place in the top 3 overall in the 1.2 mile.  I swam it casually from La Jolla Cove to La Jolla Shores and did 1.8 miles in 48 minutes (it helps when I start my Garmin 910 when I actually start instead of 1/4 mile in)!  But I got into a rhythm and I was off to the races.  It also sparked my interest for doing more swim type races next summer!


Saturday was a whole new challenge, a 50 mile inland bicycling ride with the Tri Club of San Diego.  I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive at first, I had never in my life rode that far.  I figured it would take me 4 hours to do so.  I figured it would be a good test ride for the Oceanside 70.3 not so much the hills (which I grossly underestimated) but to be on the road for 50 miles and how I could handle it mentally and how the bike would hold up.  Halfway through the ride I made a wrong turn and completely lost the group and couldn’t seem to catch up to them.  But that was ok I was out of water and electrolytes so I made a stop at Jamba Juice for some water and a pick me up.  Rested for 10 minutes before going back out on the road back.  For the most part being alone for the last 30 miles was truly a mental test for me, cause my Bluetooth headset shut off to I guess it can’t hold a charge past 2.5 hours of straight play.  Every time I saw another hill in the distance to climb all I could do was sigh in disbelief that it didn’t get any easier.  Finally after I finished the 51 total miles I realized with all my quad cramping that there was no way I could finish a 13.1 mile run in the amount of time needed.  So I know where I need to improve.  But overall I’m glad I didn’t need to call anyone to come get me.  It was a huge personal hurdle that I jumped over.

These last few weeks I’ve been training on the treadmill cause the streets here in Pacific Beach are crawling with tourist and people not paying attention so I can’t really focus on meeting the training needs when I’m concerned with my own safety.  My legs have been sort for the last few weeks so it makes me think that if I had just done this at the start of my 16 week program I would have had more gains.  But it’s too late to worry about that now.  I just need to focus on what’s ahead.  I’m hoping by next years triathlon season is here I’ll have my run down to a 7 minute to 8 minute mile.

Ok, so why so many races so close to each through the end of November?  Well, I’m a short distance racer and I love it, but I decided to branch out and do some single sport races like the Tikiswim and the Bike the Coast.  So many people do running events but I needed to branch out, so it just happened that the race days for those 2 fell with plenty of time in between the others.  Then the relay race Oct. 6th is with some TCSD members and a 500M swim is a walk in the park for me so it will replace a training day.  The lifetime triathlon at a signup cost of 70 bucks I couldn’t pass up for a preview of what Oceanside will dish out to me come March so it will be my last triathlon this season.  The Las Vegas Half was fun last year and the course is super flat so it’s a good way to close up the year in Vegas!


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