Supporting Cast Members!


Every athlete has some sort of support system behind them.  Sure everyone says family and friends, it’s a common answer from almost everyone.  This blog entry isn’t about them, it’s about the people who support your body and your gear.  The pro’s have sponsors who handle off their gear and nutritional needs to make sure they are on top of their game.  Being an age grouper all this comes out of pocket and strictly from word of mouth referrals.  True it might be an individual race but there is a team behind the athlete and if it wasn’t for that team the one racing wouldn’t go very far.  I too have a great support cast starting with Dr. Dawn who handles my chiropractic needs.  Natalie from The Healing Nat who takes care of my sports massages and cupping needs.  Atsushi who handles all of my acupuncture needs (Speaking of who I need to see next week!).  Chris from Bike Shop Chris who handles my road bike for training.  Hi-Tech Bikes who takes care of my tri bike and long distance cycling needs.  These great places couldn’t make my transformation or accomplishments possible.

Dr. Dawn has been working with me for a few years now and has kept my back and body in working order.  She’s awesome, and has always made sure to give me a piece of her mind when I go and over do it.  I see her on a weekly basis, and I put all my trust in her when it comes to make sure that my body can take what my brain dishes out.  Thanks Dawn, you rock!

I have been going to Natalie for over a year now and what has started as massage to deal with shoulder issue’s has turned into a bi-weekly (usually) visit to make sure that my muscles are working along with the joints   Not only does she do massage but at times she deems it necessary to do some cupping on parts of the body to ensure that it’s ready for action.  I put all my trust in her when it comes to making sure my muscles can take the punishment I lay out for it.  Thanks Natalie, you’re amazing!  Oh yeah she just became a Yoga instructor as well.  Congrats!

Atsushi is the fun one who gets to stick needles into my body.  I was introduced to him by Natalie, and I probably don’t see him as much as I should but I swear by acupuncture.  Thanks Sushi and I’ll get in contact with you for next weekend for a session.

Bike Shop Chris and Hi-Tech Bikes really keep my bikes in order and I go to them for their expertise in keeping them up and going so come race time I’m not bonking or spending time repairing the bikes.  Thanks guys!

4 more weeks out till the Tri Rock San Diego and I’m getting excited.  I did my time trials this week for my training program and saw improvements across the board.  I’m getting excited to put all this training to use and get the race over with.  The Tri Rock San Diego will become an annual event for me since it was also my first triathlon ever.  It holds a special place in my heart and I’ve already set the goal high next year by dropping down into an actual age group and not the Clydesdale group.  4 more weeks to get my cycling improved and my running improved.  Let’s do this.


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