Training Overload?

5 more weeks to go and I should be getting pretty amped up for my A race of the season.  But this past week it’s been pretty hard I’ve been feeling blah about everything and I haven’t really felt great about training either.  Thursday I took a spill while running some intervals and trying my new Zoot Ultra TT 6.0 racing shoes and kind of been taking it easy since.  I knew I would hit a wall at some point, it’s a fact of training.  I’ve been doing swimming every morning learning the High Elbow Catch and I’m pretty confident that I can relax on that a bit and put more focus on my run.  Evening workouts have been my Tridot workouts and that has consisted of brick workouts of biking and running.  I kind of took a step back and looked at my training and my strengths and weaknesses and really just needed to refocus my efforts.

The run.  I hate running and I’m really not too keen on it.  It’s actually a bit discouraging for me lately, but I can’t be mad I haven’t done much in training for it.  I’ve had to relearn the mechanics which I’ve been improving on and I have been lacking on the drills.  Well come Monday I’ll be spending at least 30 minutes of running intervals in shorter distances with greater intensity.  Most of it will be on the treadmill but since I don’t have access to a track most of the time except for Wednesday TCSD workouts.  Now I do realize that there is no way I will get down to my goal of 7 minute miles for 6 miles in 5 weeks but I think I can at least get it down to a 9 minute mile.  We will see.

I’ve been training for an Olympic/Intermediate distance triathlon which is 1500M Swim, 22 Mile Bike, 6 Mile run.  My expected finish times for each one is 20 mins, 75 mins, 70 mins.  Each transition we will say 1:30-2 minute times.  Now a lot of my training has consisted of mostly volume training which helped me get to this little training wall that I’m trying to push through.  I just need to stand back and have faith in the training program and myself.  The upside is this is what I get to look forward to come Oceanside 70.3 training.  I am confident now that I will finish the 70.3 and I can’t wait to start up training for that once I work on my running form in the off season.


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