6 Weeks To Tri-Rock San Diego!

998432_10151850340193274_1427937368_n6 weeks till the San Diego Tri-Rock and I’m starting to feel nervous.  Training has been progressing and I’m very confident that I’m going to finish that was never an issue.  But my goal is to be a podium finisher in the Clydesdale division.  Now some people hear Clydesdale and discard the division as the fat guy division and assume it’s not competitive just because the guys are 220lbs and up.   While it might not qualify you for the USAT World Championships it is a great confident builder for heavier guys who have never done triathlon and know they can’t come close to competing with guys in their normal age groups who might weight like 160-170lbs.  Now I race Clydesdale and it will probably be my last year doing so as I’m slimming down and next year I might not make the weight limit, but I’ve also made it a goal of mine to try and qualify for the USAT World Championships by 2016.

Okay, so 6 weeks go to!  Since I don’t know who is entered in this race I have to race against the times from last years top 3 and my current training times.  I’m feeling confident in my swim in that I should finish the 1500M around 20 minutes with a bike time of 50-60 minutes, however the run I’m staring at a 60-70 run.  The run has always been my weak link.  I’ve been working on my run and increasing my cadence (Steps Per Minute).  It used to be around 70 SPM and it’s up to about 80SPM and I need to get it to at least 90 and keep my HR low into the 130 BPM’s.  I had an interesting thing happen to me on the last training run and I started to believe in the high SPM.  I noticed when my SPM dropped to around 70-74 my HR jumped up to 150-160BPM and when my SPM increased to 80-85 my HR dropped to 140BPM.  I was in disbelief at what just happened.  I’ll be damned coach was right and I need to really work on my running drills.  I don’t have enough time between now and Tri-Rock to get down to a 6:30-7 minute mile but that’s okay it’s all about improvement right now and I have a feeling that I will be able to gain a big enough lead in the swim and bike to where I can still finish on the podium.

Bike training has gone good but I need to get out on the road more.  I’ve done the vast majority of my training on my indoor trainer and while it has the upside of no traffic and no stop signs it has some serious drawbacks like no wind resistance and no ground resistance.  I’m going to be hitting the bike paths a bit more for my distance rides so that I can really get used to sitting in the saddle for long periods of time.  This will also help prepare the junk for the suspected 3 hours of biking for the Oceanside 70.3 in March.  Anyways, if I can keep my RPM’s high in the 90’s while I keep my HR in the 140 range while cranking an average speed of 21-22 MPH I think I’ll be doing great.  I will need to test this on my trainer and keep that average up since I can’t get that on the road thanks to traffic.  I’m really starting to grasp this more power less energy.  I’m feeling really good that after pushing it for 21 miles and being able to run 6 more miles to finish it off.  My nutrition will be the key.

The swim, well swimming has always been my strong leg and training has shifted me from the deep catch to a high elbow catch.  It’s been a change and it was hard to grasp at first but I think it’s starting to kick in and I have to be able to push it out and lead into a 16-17 min 1500M Swim.  I’m no longer concerned about being able to finish the swim portion of a half ironman, in fact I can finish the swim portion of a full ironman without an issue.  I surprised myself there and I can’t wait for the Tiki swim the weekend after the Tri-Rock.  1.2 mile swim and I’m gunning for 30 minutes in the open water.

So to wrap things up 6 weeks out I’ve definitely approved in every sport that makes up the Triathlon but I still have so much more to grow.  I still need to shed off close to 9% body fat as well and I’m sure probably 1-2% of that is extra skin from my almost 100lbs weight loss.  No surgery here, I’m going all natural.  I am out to prove to all those who say that big people can’t do it, WRONG.


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