Jogging for Frogmen 5K Race Report – 29:26 5K Personal Best!


Jogging for Frogmen 5K, it was a charity run.  It wasn’t something I had trained for but it just happened to fall on my 5K Time Trial training day so it was a good fit.  As most athletes know you do your time trials on a flat course in perfect conditions from all the hills.  I’ll put the elevations below.  But it was a good run I pushed it really hard with the Steps Per Minute (SPM – Cadence) and didn’t really pay attention to my HR this wasn’t a training session this was a race.  On mile 2 during one of the downhill declines I landed wrong and my left glut just didn’t feel the same running and neither did the hamstring so I had to pull back on the SPM and my pace per mil suffered.  Mile 1 pace was 8:25 with an avg spm of 81.  Mile 2 pace was 9:41 with an avg spm of 74.  Mile 3 which by this time my left muscles were not happy with me in the least bit was 10:24 with an avg spm of 72.  I’m not going to count the last tenth of a mile but it was 55 seconds with 76 SPM.  I’ll be damn a higher SPM gets you a faster time per mile, but I certainly didn’t feel like I could maintain that pace for the entire 5K.  Maybe I could have but my mind kept on thinking how much farther do I have to go.  I totally forgot that I took the distance field of my display on my Garmin 910xt.  This didn’t help much cause I would have pushed myself a bit harder at the end.


OK, so the course report.  It was a run through the back streets of San Diego State University ended in some field by the arena.  There were very little flat sections of the run it was uphill or downhill.  Mostly uphill towards the end.  It was all street or sidewalk that didn’t have any places to trip you so if you fell on your face it could have been from the kids.  The course started mostly downhill and right off the bat I knew this was not going to be fun cause what goes down in a race eventually must come back up when the start and finish lines are the same.  Sadly this was mostly uphill after the initial drop so I couldn’t get a solid rhythm going.  Then right before mile 3 there was a hill that seemed to last an eternity but that’s cause my left leg was already bothering me.

So overall even though I recorded a personal best in a 5K race I was not pleased with my performance.  I really need to focus more on form over distance and time in training.  When I was getting tired my form deteriorated and I had to recover which only made things a bit more difficult when starting back up again.  I also need to focus more on getting that cadence up while decreasing my HR which is going to take some work.  These are some pretty tough tasks but I need to really stay focused and with it.


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