3rd Place Finisher in SDIT Clydesdale Division


June has been a huge month of personal achievement for me.  I first broke my 13.1 personal record with a 2:38 minute run and I was able to run the entire thing.  Then 6 days later I broke my old record with a 2:27 minute run in Utah Valley.  Then to close out the month I took 3rd in the Clydesdale Division in the San Diego International Triathlon, that I didn’t even train for at all.   SO it really is possible to achieve something “iF” you make it your priority you really need to believe in yourself.  Because you really can do it!  Now for my race report.

So as I said I didn’t train for this race.  It was more of a break in for my new wetsuit and my tri-bike that I got.  I really wanted to see how each felt and how my transitions would be.  I am actually a bit disgusted with my transition times they could have been better, but that’s coming later.  I know you’re not supposed to break in new gear on race days but I did it anyways.

The X-terra Vortex 4 full suit I got a while ago is just awesome.  Coming from not using one I was really amazed at how I was able to move easily through the water with very minimum effort.  The buoyancy alone with the coating on the outside really makes it fly through the water.  The choice to join the Tri Club of San Diego was worth it for the member discount alone just for that suit.  I’m very happy with it and can’t wait to use it more.

I bought a Quintana Roo Lucero Tri-Bike to replace my craigslist road bike.  Now I will say after spending the entire bike ride in the aero position I was finally starting to get comfortable with it but I really felt like I need more gears for downhill.  I think my GPS clocked me at almost 40 MPH as my fastest.  Climbing, the bike did most of the work as my quads screamed at me for not training ANY uphill but that’s not the bikes fault it’s my fault for not training legs and hills.

My transitions where really time consuming after looking at the rest of the field and I thought what could possibly make them go faster.  Well in T1 I had a hard time getting the wetsuit off and my transition was in the dirt so I had rocks everywhere on my feet and then I realized I was going out the wrong way and I forgot my sun glasses.  T2 I had to rinse off the dirt again and get on my socks and running shoes because if I run barefoot in these shoes they cut into the backs of my ankles.  I also forgot to put on my race bib heading out of T2 so I had a lot of mental mistakes.  I was actually a mental midget in the transition zones.  I really need to practice more and get tri shoes that don’t cut into my ankles.

The swim was a bit chaotic at first with all the people and I really climbed on some people as I have such a long stroke but and I accidently swam over a poor woman in a silver cap in 1 stroke.  I am really sorry by the way I didn’t even see you.  By the time I got out of the water I wasn’t really dizzy like at Tri Rock and ITU but I also kicked harder towards the end and stayed low which really helped.  The bike went a little slow at the start as I missed a shoe and hit a cone… YIKES!!!  I started out strong trying to get my HR and breathing back on track but my Timex kept saying 160BMP for most of every time I looked so it couldn’t have been right.  Finally got into my groove of breathing and feeling comfortable when the hill up to Cabrillo Monument which basically fried my quads for most of the ride but I still came out with a 41 minute ride the 2nd place guy had a 41 minute ride as well but the 1st place guy had a 35 minute ride.  So he really killed the climbs which I lacked.  Coming into T2 I dismounted the bike in true Tri form with my body standing on the left with my right leg ready to dismount.  I think I got off too early but the guy said good job.  Going into the run my legs burned and my socks and shoes were socked.  That first mile off the bike is always hard for me as the muscle use changes from quads to hamstrings but once I got warmed up I started to pick up the pace.  But at about 500-700 feet I went to take some Gatorade and my stomach wanted no part of it, so I had to ditch it.  I kept a steady pace at least it felt like that but I’ll take a 38 minute 6K.  That’s 3.7 miles for those of you who didn’t know.  I didn’t really push it during my run either like I could have.  Looking back I wish I should have but I didn’t want to push it too hard since it was only a C type race.  I actually spent more time looking around at things cause running in wet socks and shoes SUCKS!


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