Back 2 Back 13.1’s and New PR!


Little late on this blog entry since I try to do them every Sunday.  But the Utah Valley Half Marathon took place June 8th which was 6 days after I ran the Rock N’ Roll San Diego Half Marathon.  Going into the race I knew I was dealing with a big elevation change from running in San Diego and I have never ran 13.1 miles in back to back weekends so I expected to bonk hard in this race and end of walking most of it.  I really didn’t mind if I did either the run was extremely scenic compared to running along the beach or around buildings all the time.  Little did I know that I would bring in a total time of 2:27:53 which is a new Personal Record in the Half Marathon and it blew me away.

Going into the race I have been reading the Triathletes Training Bible (TTB) which a friend of mine Scott, who does full Ironman’s recommended. It just so happens that I got to the portion of pre-race, and race day nutrition.  My race weight that day was 260lbs, and most people immediately think of the knee’s and all that pounding.  But the hardest part is staying properly hydrated and the proper fuel during the race so you’re stomach doesn’t shut down and you bonk during the race from not being able get the nutrients to the muscles that keep going.  So what was different compared to last week?  Ensure, yes the drink you see in stores.  Before races I would have a light meal that was high in carbs but low in fiber.  But in the TTB he mentions drinking Ensure because of the nutrients in it and it’s liquid so your digestive system doesn’t have to do much of anything for it to get into the system.  So I changed it up and went with it.  I know you’re not supposed to change things up on race day, but I have found that training and race days are separate things and sometimes you just don’t feel like you normally do on training day, so I did it and it paid off. 

Through out the entire run I was running a faster pace only a 30 second faster pace or so.  I started off behind the 2:30:00 Pace Runner but quickly realized how fast I was gaining on her and I settled in right behind the 2:25:00 Pace Runner throughout most of the race only slowing down by the aid stations cause some of the people would come to a complete stop and walk which congested the entire area.  I didn’t want to use a higher intensity to catch up, but I didn’t see that 2:30:00 pacer come by anytime so I sat comfortably and enjoyed my surroundings.  The final mile I happened to glace at my watch and realized that at some point I stopped it so I had no clue what my actual time was going to be but as I picked up my pace in the final mile and the gun clock came into view I saw the time under 2:30:00 and I felt completely energized and picked up my pace even more until I crossed the finish line right at 2:30:28 seconds which I was completely overwhelmed and I rang their PR Bell that they had at the finish line and I felt accomplished.  I actually felt awesome, I drank my chocolate milk that they gave us, skipped the solid foods and a chocolate fudgeicle cause frankly I felt like it!  Got back to the hotel and drank another Ensure and took a quick nap before heading out to see Kristen who I went to high school with and it my Long Distance Training Partner (LDTP).  So after all was said and done proper race day nutrition is very important!

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