Remain Goal Driven!


Everyone preaches how important it is to have goals in life so I’m not going to preach about it.  When it came to fitness goals I started with just 1 thing… Get healthy.   Now I realized that this is a very vague goal because people have a different understanding of healthy.   Now this didn’t mean just get thin because I know a LOT of thin people who are the unhealthiest people I know but they don’t care because they are thin.  They just lucked out cause they happened to have good genes.  No for me this meant changing how I ate changing my mentality on how I handled my daily life and how I exercised and planned to start being active again.

Now as you know I was an athlete back in high school, I wasn’t a great athlete I just loved being active and it gave me something to do.  The coaches there taught me some pretty good life lessons that I won’t forget like don’t quit even when you think you can’t push yourself anymore.  Do I always follow that to a T, nope I’m not 16 anymore, but I kept the spirit of it alive to this day.  So starting out my goal was to lose weight I had ballooned up to almost 400lbs.  I didn’t think that it was going to change when I reached my goal weight.  Hell I haven’t even reached my goal weight of 220lbs, I’m about 40lbs shy of it right now.  But I have started other goals as I have become more active like running 3 half marathons a year, and completing a 5K race 9 months out of the year (training runs do not count).  I’m not a runner and I hate running, but it’s an evil that I have to endure if I want to do other stuff in life.  Running was boring and that I was introduced to the San Diego Tri Rock.  I saw what the sprint distance was which was 500 meter swim, 12 mile bike ride, and a 5K run.  I thought to myself, HEY I CAN DO THAT!  So I signed up I had set that goal to finish.  I finished in 1 hour 48 minutes after rolling my ankle out of the transition from the bike to run and the medial staff wanted to pull me out.  I told them no I am going to finish and I walked every step of that 5K in pain.  I felt like I really accomplished something cause it was something I didn’t think that I would ever have the chance to do never the less actually finish it.  That was back in 2010.  Fast forward to 2011 after a snowboarding accident where I tore some ligaments in my knee and screwed up some of my left shoulder.  I was out of shape again from it and didn’t have ANY goals at the time other than make it to the weekend cause I hated my job.  I noticed in that absence of a goal I really sat around and didn’t do much except drink.   But as you know from my earlier blog posts I worked through it and I started playing flag football again.  Didn’t really have a goal with that I just didn’t want to get hurt.  But what was happening on the inside, was that I was beginning to believe in myself that I can go out and be active again.  So I signed up to do the Las Vegas Half Marathon because it was something different I was tired of running around San Diego.  I was down to 300lbs when I signed up for it and Jojo and I started training for it.   At the same time I was still putting a lot of focus on doing Insanity and still lifting weights, little did I know I was not eating enough and I was killing the body.  Race time came and I still didn’t really worry about my diet cause I figured I had enough fat on the body that my body would burn it for energy right?  BOY WAS I WRONG!  I got through to mile 9 when I started cramping up in my quads and I was drinking plenty of water and Gatorade and GU from the stations.  But I finished in just over 3 hours.  But I finished, I now believed I could do more and more so my goals changed changed again to do more races and in 2013 I signed up for a race in January, February, March, April, May, June, September, and October.  Some of them are triathlons since I have found a passion for triathlons.   But what was once a main goal of losing weight has blossomed into becoming a triathlete and living a healthy lifestyle on top of working to become a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast.  So the moral of this blog post is don’t stay so focused on 1 goal that you are completely blind to the possibility of other goals presenting themselves.

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