I’m asked the question all the time what do I do for training?  Well quite frankly I do a lot cause I’ve got a lot of goals on my plate.  I’m training for weight loss, triathlons, half marathons, and a good physique.  But it wasn’t always that way, it started with losing weight as my main goal.  So what did I do to lose weight?  How do you stay focused and not get bored?  There are always questions regarding what I have been up to regarding training.

So, when I started out years ago with my sole goal being weight loss I knew cardio was going to be the focus.  Being an athlete back in high school I had vague background with working out and what types of cardio so I stuck to what I knew.  Treadmill, stair mill, and your basic weight training exercises.  I woke up in the morning and went to the gym and hit the stair mill for 20 minutes then did a full body workout consisting of squats, bench press, arm curls, triceps press downs, and wide grip pull downs.  I didn’t really know much but that wasn’t my goal to know much or be a meat head.  I was already the fat guy in the gym and it was really hard to stay focused when I tend to worry about other people in the gym talking about the fat guy on the stair mill on level 3 leaving a sweat pond at the base.  I’ve learned that you cannot go to the gym with that mentality cause you only defeat the purpose of going there.  The gym is your time, you’re the one sweating and trying to get your body into a healthy working order and no one should ever poke fun of you for doing that.  I will cheer on and support anyone that goes into the gym and actually works out towards a goal over someone who goes to the gym to suck up space on a piece of equipment talking on a cell phone or flexing in the mirror admiring the fact that they just bench pressed 330lbs and moved the bar 3 inches before moving it back on the rack.

As I shed weight my goals for training also shifted to less weight loss and more weight lifting to fill out my physique a bit more and I do much more running and swimming for my half marathons and triathlons.  I’ve had to do more homework on increasing my knowledge on what to do for what muscle groups, what distances of swimming and running, how to breath properly, the list goes on and I’m still learning!  But during this shift so many people have asked me about how can they better their workout or can I help them out with losing weight, or can I make a workout program for them cause I inspired them to lose weight.  Which then sparked a change in myself, and working towards becoming a Certified Personal Trainer.  I found out that I truly enjoy helping people better themselves.

Now my mentality in the gym when I’m training stays focused on the prize and that’s a better body.  Do my workouts get boring at times, sure.  Am I a victim of over training at times, you bet!  But you have to step back and look at the big picture.  All those years of neglect and this is what I have to do to get myself on track again.  This is what I have to do and it’s hard work but you know what happens when you do hard work?  You’re proud of your accomplishment you’re proud of the finished product.  That’s why we workout hard in the gym, we are proud!

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